Motivated Mornings

How did you feel this morning? Motivated and fired up or demotivated because it’s still not Friday? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with the amount that you have to do and don’t know where to start, wishing it was the weekend so you don’t have to face it.But it really doesn’t have to be like this how would you like to feel fired up and raring to go everyday irrespective of where you are in the week?...more

Quotes to inspire and motivate.

Sometimes words of wisdom can help us put our lives into perspective and help us prioritise and decide on our direction. Here are 20 such famous quotes that hopefully will inspire and encourage you through your day, no matter how difficult it may be....more

How to earn rewards by staying fit

You know how I know the holiday season is upon us?No, not the cooler weather because it's 87 degrees right now in San Diego and I just came inside from laying out at my pool to write this.EMPTY GYMS! EMPTY YOGA CLASSES!EMPTY RUNNING TRAILS!The holiday season causes so may people to get into the mindset of not caring about fitness or nutrition until the new year. I get that people get busy, family comes into town, work has end of the year deadlines but come on people!! Why start the new year out 10 lbs heavier if you don't have to?...more

News Flash: It's Actually OK To Be Proud of Yourself

I’m pretty self-deprecating.  I don’t do it to fish for compliments; I honestly just happen to enjoy making fun of myself (let’s face it; I also provide plenty of material).  I ALSO have a tendency to be overly modest; again, it’s not a facade or an ‘act,’ I just don’t pat myself on the back too often.  ...more

A healthy mind is a healthy change

Hello, In this post i'm going to give you a little background information about me, and why I'm sharing my experiences on this topic with you.For a long time, I've lived in the shadows of my opportunities, never taking chances because of some form of fear.Ultimately, I would love to help you help yourself, by expressing the general thoughts in a day to day situation for a better understanding of alternative thinking,Thank you!...more

Work Hacks

Yay me! I just finished a big project (or at least the first phase of it) for which I will be paid actual money!I am very fortunate/grateful that I am able to do freelance work at home, on my own schedule (mostly), using my education and skills, in my pajamas. Telecommuting is so way cool!...more

Why the Entrepreneurial Life is a Life Changing Course

solopreneur working from home and living freeHave you ever seen people in their element (and I mean people being really good at what they do and seemingly in control of their lives and environment) and wonder why you aren’t that way too? Or is there someone you look up to and admire and wish you were like them: wish you had what they have?...more

Every Victory Counts

It’s been two weeks since we last ordered pizza! Yes, its ridiculous that I’m so proud of that.I was chatting to a client today about long term goals and she mentioned that sometimes she feels like its so far away. Yes, a long term goal usually is far away, hence why its called a ‘LONG term’ goal. I told her, and it helped me realise, we need to celebrate every short term goal that is met, every small achievement and every step in the right direction....more

Feeling Unproductive? Here Are Five Easy Tips To Stop You Slacking!

 Everybody hits a slump now and then. Feeling tired and fed up? Struggling to do anything with yourself other than work and sleep? Have you got some kind of personal project you've been wanting to do forever but just can not be bothered to get on with? ...more