Live a More Positive Life This Year

 The New Year is still fresh, at least I think so, how about you?  As it continues to unfold, I want to remind everyone that being positive goes a long way and surrounding yourself around positive experiences may push you even further...something that the famous female author, Maya Angelou, once said and I believe to be true:  ...more

The 10,000 hour rule & more for musicians

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Read and Enjoy - Highlights of 2015

It has been a year of digging deep. A year of change, reflection and growth. And here's a surprise for you "younger" readers out there, thank goodness the learning doesn't end!We are here to support and lean on each other. To share and to hug and at times to give...more

Making Healthy Changes in 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, I've decided to use the final days of the year to create my healthy living game plan for 2016. Now, don't go giving me too much credit. I've literally eaten so much junk over the holidays that I'm actually looking forward to eating something...anything green. In fact, I'm so excited that I've decided to begin planning while I'm still on vacation, which is a definite first for me, LOL. ...more

Where does music lie in Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

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5 Easy Steps to Encourage Self Motivation

Some days motivation just doesn't come easy.  The temptation to lay on the couch and watch a marathon of something mindless on Netflix is simply too seductive, the urge to be a slug is simply too strong.  Such a shame that every day can't be a lazy day, but alas, we all gotta get up and work at some point, right? ...more

Looking For The Real Answer When Abstract Will Do

After my niece was medically discharged from the US Army, after serving a tour in Iraq, she decided to apply for her first job. She had gone into the military right after high school and had never worked in the “civilian world.”The company she chose had an online application, which if the applicant qualified, would result in a second online application that included three questions. An interview would only be given if the answers to the three questions passed muster....more

7 Powerful Quotes to Punch Your Fear in the Throat

Fear is an interesting thing. It can motivate you. It can paralyze you. It can Drive. You. NUTS. It's slapped me around a time or two (or twenty, but who's counting?). Even with the fear present, I've jumped out into unchartered waters. Sometimes the fear was an afterthought while other times it was a massive weight. The reality is the presence of fear is normal. Whether you are currently sailing through this season or barely making it, these wise words will help you show fear that you mean business....more

How to Publish a Book, Lose Weight, and Find True Love

 One day you wake and realize you’re an indolent cynic so you decide to close the box of donuts, get out of the bathrobe, and do something with your life. This can be difficult if you’ve never ventured beyond the corner bakery. If you’re committed to accomplishing a few big ticket items, here are some suggestions to try before you melt into a unused puddle of mush....more