I'm not that fat, right?

I was in the United States for three weeks. Three weeks of fast-food bliss. On the way from the airport, the drive that took an extra two hours because mom missed the turn and didn't notice unitl we were in the foothills, we stopped at the grocery store and I picked up Little Debbie snacks, Doritos and Blueberry Morning cereal. I can count on one hand the meals I ate at a dining table in a house. And those all involved a variation of steak, hot dogs, pizza or cheddar cheese. I had a three-week plan of people to meet with, and it usually included ...more

Focus on Can Do and NOT Look Like

I am currently going through the exercise program called P90X. I had the pleasure of participating in a conference call with the creator and trainer, Tony Horton. During this discussion one of the participants mentioned that they are always asked how to get the "six pack" abs like Tony. His response was both surprising and inspirational.  ...more

Need a Pick-Me-Up? Try Energizing Your Environment

Wow, I haven’t worked out in a week. And it hasn’t been on purpose either, i.e. I didn’t have a scheduled break in my routine. I’ve just found myself being uninspired and quite blatantly lazy. Do you ever find yourself stuck in that mode? The weather outside is depressing, it’s pitch black when you wake up in the morning, and you’re so busy that when your day is over all you want to do is crash on the couch and veg out in front of your favorite TV show? ...more

Stop Waiting For Motivation: How To Get Yourself Moving When You're Stuck

Stuck happens…to all of us. You want to start your own business, but there’s so much to do, you don’t know where to begin. Or you want to make a career transition, but you can’t seem to get started. There are a million reasons for not moving forward, but we often tell ourselves that we will get to doing once we start feeling more up to the task. And that’s where we go wrong. ...more

Get organized and Get Going!

It takes a full day sometimes to get ready for going out with the baby.....so plan ahead!  There is no excuse not to meet your friends or family on a regular basis after having kids.  I know it’s much tougher and takes alot of organization and planning.  And there is nothing worse then making all the arrangements and then have someone cancel on you.    ...more

Believe In Yourself: Set Realistic Dieting & Fitness Goals

It's very important to set realistic dieting and fitness goals for yourself. This way you avoid the frustration of having to "give-up" or feel like a "failure" because of overly ambitious goals. Instead, set achievable goals, and celebrate every milestone. For example... If you want to lose twenty pounds, set a starting goal for five. Once you reach your five pound goal, it will be much easier for you to get motivated to continue on to the next five. Before you know it, you will have lost all twenty. Do the same with your fitness goals... ...more

I couldn't agree with you more. I've tried numerous fad diets that takes the weight off ...more

How NOT to eat emotionally: Ten things to do with a feeling when you really don’t know what to do with it

How many times have you started at diet or weight loss plan, a fresh new day of healthy eating, only to feel completely derailed by an unexpected bad day, an awful experience or strong emotions—hurt, anger, disappointment, even boredom—that seemed to magnetically pull you to the refrigerator? We’ve been talking about that in my Coaching Club program and it inspired this post. Ten things to do with a feeling when you DON’T KNOW what to do with it: 1. Breathe ...more

Dieting Tip: Keep Healthy Foods In The House At All Times.

When we go on a diet the first thing we do is get rid of all the high calorie and high fat products in the house. And that's good...Getting rid of our temptation is probably the most important first step in successful dieting. But, if you forget the second most important step, you will run the risk of failure. So...What's the second step? Make sure you always have a good supply of healthy food in your house. That sounds like a no-brainer, but it's something many of us have a tendency to forget. ...more

This is sooo true.  Thanks for the reminder.


Contributing Editor ...more

Increase Your Weight Loss Success By Dieting With A Friend

If you are really serious about losing weight and eating healthy, ask a friend to join you. A friend or dieting partner can be very beneficial to your success. Someone you can go to the gym with. Someone you can share a healthy meal with. Someone you can share your dieting ups and downs with. ...more

I absolutely have a workout partner, and I don't think I'd go to the gym half as often if I ...more

Finding that oh so hard to find motivation and time

I have been a procrastinator since birth, and also a pack rat, but the latter is for a different piece. I was the person in college in the computer lab until the early a.m. working on papers due that day (with a lot company I should mention so you don’t judge too harshly). I met my college roommate (that I still live with) by pulling all-nighters. She holds the record in our group of friends for consecutive nights without sleep. ...more