Algorithms Misfiring

Cultural Dictionary algorithm  [( al -guh-rith-uhm)] A ...more

Just Do It

I read an article on’s website over the weekend comparing the way entrepreneurs think to the way corporate executives think, based on a study done by a professor at UVA’s Darden School of Business....more


Every day is a blessing to me and the opportunity to take another step forwards along my journey. To make myself better than I was yesterday, to move beyond my expectations and achieve more of my goals....more

Help and advice for Retirement Years

Socrates was when asked by a pupil, this question: "What kind of folks shall we be when we reach Elysium?"Along with the answer was this: "We shall be the identical kind of folks that we were here." ?"If there is a life following this, we're preparing for it now, just as I am to-day preparing for my life to-morrow.What kind of a man shall I be to-morrow?...more

Blowing Past the Dead End Signs of Life...

                                  "Discoveries are often made by...going off the main road, by trying  the untried." -Frank Tyger Yesterday found us with fists full of lava rock, faces grazing a rock wall with a stomach lurching drop off only inches away.  This was in no way part of our plans for the day and of all things it started with a dead end sign.  Now normally we would never recommend that anyone, ever, under any circumstance ignore a road sign.  That bit of disclosure done, we’ll acknowledge that dead end signs are really more of a great bit of information; a warning to save a driver potential time and hassle.  Dead end signs usually look alike, but they can truly be a “treasure located here” sign; hidden in plain sight.  Let me explain…...more

Simplicity Is Not Easy

But transition periods can be fraught with insecurities and hidden obstacles. For most, moving from model American consumerist party-goer to simple living expert doesn’t happen overnight – a great deal of learning and adapting happens both before taking the dive and after. Only those with true tenacity will be able to climb over the learning curve. They are most likely the ones who will discover the ‘easy’ in simplicity. ...more

Hi Lynn, what a great post!

Our family has been on the journey to live more simply for the ...more

State Of Mind

The birds singing in the morning, the form of cotton clouds, the sea kissing the sand, the freedom sensation and this force that leads me to smile. The flowers nature beauty, the animals inspiration way of living, the human being ability to love, or the sunset at the beach. Is this the so talked state of mind? ...more

No More Struggle!

Napoleon Hill

All of us yearn for success. We all want to be rich and fulfill our ambitions, but very few of us know what road map to follow in order to reach that coveted destination. Napoleon Hill not only discovered this road map, but he also shared it through his books and seminars....more