Some Days You Just Don't Feel Like Doing It

It’s raining, it’s pouring and the last thing anyone wants to do right now is hit the pavement running for 30 minutes of cardio, especially if you’re doing it alone. Starting an exercise program to keep fit is one thing, but staying with the program and keeping your motivation level high is another. Find out how you can stay on track when there is no one pushing you to succeed.  1. Plan a Kedge: Chris Crowley, author of the best selling book “Younger Next Year Journal,” encourages readers to practice a technique which he has termed kedging....more

Pressure Cookers Kill

Well I suppose this is a coming clean post or a my week went to hell post I am not sure which one, probably both.  Over the last 5 months I have learned a few things.  I have learn what some of my triggers are and how I deal with them.  Every now and again I give in and have a day or two that I just don’t care I have had enough of dieting and trying to be good and I just eat what I want to.  It usually lasts 1 or 2 days at most.  I am not so proud to say I have had an 8 day binge and eff-it-all extravaganza.  I am an emotional eater there is no gett ...more

Mom Active Radio

I am so blessed!!!!!! I just got the news that I will be on Mom active radio tomorrow which is  Aug 28th live at 11am CA time 12pm CO time. I have really prayed for opportunities to come my way. I am so excited that things just keep falling into place to keep my message traveling! This is the post that is on their web site. If you know of anyone with weight issues or that have type 2 diabetes send them these two links!! ...more

Kids do listen when we talk

Kids do listen when we talk ...more


Have you ever bought a magazine because something on the cover peaked your interest, only to find that your $4.99 investment had one page dedicated to that topic and the rest was nothing more than one advertisement after another? ...more

It's okay to hate yoga.

I want to like yoga. I really do. I want to be one of those yoga people. I want the cute outfits and to feel all at peace with the world. My only problem is that I hate yoga. This is a huge issue. It also has made me realize why I don’t eat sushi. I so badly want to be one of those sushi people, as well. I’m just afraid I’ll hate it and then where will I be? Shunned by the masses because I only eat cooked fish? Sounds less appealing that ingesting raw octopus. ...more

Whoever thought that trying to hold balance with a stiffened body resting on one hand ...more

Wouldn't It Be Grand To Be An Angel?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Wouldn't It Be Grand To Be An Angel? I am a nurse and I have spent the better part of the last ten years working with and caring for cancer patients. For me, this has been a great privilege. I stand in awe of the men and women who bravely face this disease and do so with such grace and integrity. So many of them ...more

Strut Strut Strut

AAAAAAHHHHHH.      Sometimes we may need to do that just to start the day or even release a simple sigh will do to start, wether you are excited or don't like your current job you just don't want a bad day even though its raining its still not going to be a bad day this is what you must tell yourself. ...more

Are you ready to live a healthy lifestyle?

Most people who begin a fitness program start off with enough enthusiasm to move an army through mud. They have the motivation, the desire, and the tools to push through the hardest workout routine because they have a goal in mind and maybe even on paper.  However, it is not all that uncommon to find all the enthusiasm and motivation becoming less pronounced. ...more

Seven Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

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