Walking on Wednesday ~ Life is Like......

I have been taking so many pictures these days....more

What skinny looks like now

I’m one of you, the moms with the post-pregnant bodies where perky bottoms have given way to saggy behinds and boobs that have followed suite unless filled with milk. But where many women I know are trying to lose their pregnancy weight, I am trying to gain back some.No, I’m not actually all that lucky....more

How do I get my groove back?

I am going through a pretty happy phase at the moment.  I'm in a good, happy mood....more
I had the same EXACT thing happen.  I don't think I have much for suggestions, since I'm still ...more

Is Your Glass Half Full?

Creating a sense of gratitude might be the most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself.  We can call on gratitude at the most inopportune times.  When things are not going as well as expected, gratitude can turn things around.  When your perspective needs to be checked, take inventory and surprisingly you might find things on your list you have forgotten about. It becomes about what you have, not what you do not have…So, what can gratitude do for you?...more

How to trick yourself into being productive

I’m lazy. Very lazy. Well, sometimes. Other times, I’m the Energizer Bunny on amphetamines.The laziness conveniently sneaks in when it’s time for housework, awkward phone calls, and generally anything else I don’t want to do.Why I had to get productive, and fast....more

Don't tell me I can't do something...you'll only waste your breath!

Don’t tell me I can’t do something…you’ll only waste your breath.I absolutely hate it when people try to tell me I can’t do something. Sure, my life is incredibly busy and I’m usually running instead of walking to get where I need to be but that doesn’t mean I’m any less capable of achieving goals than anyone else in this world!...more

Mom's M & M Jar: A Tool for More Mindful and Motivated Motherhood

I've been giving some thought to how I want to improve my mothering in 2014. A worthy exercise, I figure. After mulling it over for a while, I came to the conclusion that my mommyhood could really use more of two things:1) MINDFULNESS2) MOTIVATIONWho's with me?...more

Even our motivating messages contradict themselves (warning: Rant Post!!)

Cheesy or not, I love me some motivating fitspo messages.  I join FB groups and Twitter feeds because they provide me with some daily uplifting messages that can sometimes give me that extra push I need.  Then I saw this one today: At first, I was all "WOO-HOO" because I am so struggling wit...more

Defeat rather than Hope

             Defeat is the biggest epidemic in America today. Throughout most of my life I have realized that often people allow themselves to be defeated rather than holding on to the hope that is always available. I am currently working on my degree to be a therapist. In my internship I have realized that many people coming to see me do not have as much of a chemical imbalance as they have lost hope sometime in life or had it stolen and they never got it back. Hope is something that can seem to be taken away but in actuality it is always available....more