What If You Don’t Have Faith In Yourself?

It’s a cold, empty feeling, that not-having-faith-in-yourself feeling.Especially in this bright-eyed American culture of mandatory optimism.But some days, it’s just not there. You don’t feel worthy, you don’t feel special, you don’t feel like your projects are even worth your while, much less anyone else’s while....more

The Power to Choose

The holiday season can be a time of mixed emotions. In our darkest moments there’s always a little hope! - See more at: http://carpediemwithjasmine.com/vlog-the-power-to-choose/#sthash.0nt99ifS.dpufThe holiday season can be a time of mixed emotions. In our darkest moments there’s always a little hope!...more

'Inspiration' Is All Very Well, BUT...

Ciao, amici! (Thought I’d give the Spanish intro a break today, opted for the Italian instead.)...more

6 Ways To Stay Motivated

I've mentioned a few times how I've been discouraged (here and way back here) about not finding a job yet and it's kinda been affecting my mood. And I hate myself for allowing myself to be upset about it because I like to think that I'm a very positive person....more

TED – Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation

A post from my blog www.nicole-brodie.comlove TED Talks – and seeings as a few days ago my blog : ‘Did You Lose Your ‘Mo-M0′,  I decided I would do a follow up.The motivation Daniel Pink talks about is the scientifically proven motivators, and what is actually used in business as motivators....more

Inspirational Words for a Heart Attack Survivor

I don't normally buy decor for my home that contains quotes and words of inspiration, but I saw this today and thought it was just too perfect.I love that "heart" and "life" are the core of this quote and seem to carry a whole new meaning for me....more

The Case of the Disappearing Miles

Read all my posts at Slippers for Sneakers!...more

Monday Morning Motivation

Good morning and happy Monday, friends!...more

Fiery Trials will Come. Rejoice! The Greater the Struggle, the Greater the Reward

Oftentimes it is not until we hear of someone else problems or realize the depth of another person’s struggle that we are grateful to God for his many blessings bestowed upon us....more