From Harvard Business Review: “Be Yourself, but Carefully”

Here at Aha! we love the Harvard Business Review – that’s right –  happy creative  people with a bent towards collecting toys and expending a lot of energy doodling love to read the HBR. It is truly chock full of great articles on leadership,motivation, and professional development that are helpful whether you work in design, education administration, the arts, social marketing, etc… And just to be clear, here at Aha!...more

When It Comes to Motivation and Personal and Professional Development: No Blipverts Please

I use the word blipvert all the time. ALL the time! What does it mean? Well to me, I use it when an explanation or details are not enough and yet someone is trying to engage in a call to action. It means nothing really substantive was said....more

Prevent Exercise Boredom

People often wonder what are celebrities doing differently then us to get their bodies in tip top shape.  The truth is really nothing different they just have different things that keep them motivated.  The #1 thing being that the public is always watching and commenting.I recently had the opportunity to speak with renowned fitness and nutrition expert, and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternack and he gave me some great tips on how to switch things up with my workout regimen to prevent becoming bored....more

Motivation: Your Focus Promotes Fertility

"Wipe The Sleep From Your Eyes!!" ...more

How I found motivation in a pricey quart of Benjamin Moore paint...

I love E-cards!  Don't you?  They have a knack of describing life in 30 words or less.  Recently, I was on Pinterest and came upon the above E-card.  Add in decorate and this pin describes me to a T.   And as hard as I laughed at it?  A part of me cringed.  Yes, I DO clean, organize and decorate my house.  But I'm more about pinnin...more

Motivation: You Can Start Living The Dream

Moving forward requires three things: preparation, dedication and revelation. To succeed, you must depend upon God for direction daily. - Thomas Dexter Jakes...more

Running: How to Stay Motivated

I think all runners experience burn out at some point. I absolutely love running, but sometimes my motivation is really low. This summer it has been a little bit low and I partially blame it on the heat. Sometimes when I am just so hot and sweaty (before I even start running) I wonder why I bother doing it.So how can you keep yourself motivated when you aren’t really feeling it?...more

The Better Plan

"God has a plan for your life, and no one can take your place." Those were the words that I wrote into Bree's first baby book. Where did they come from? I haven't a clue, but I wrote them with such passion when they were dropped into my spirit in 1995....more

How Creating an Online Business Can Be Scary + What to Do About It

I woke up scared today.Scared that I was a failure because I hadn’t yet written a blog post.Scared that nobody would care about what I wanted to share.Scared that people would unsubscribe.Scared that I wouldn’t have the persistence to create a business that I love.I’m going to be real with you. When you begin your first steps of creating an online business, you’re going to get scared, too.You’re going to feel like you’re creating this amazing content and then wonder who will even buy it....more

Motivation - 5 Steps to turning it around - BEAT THE ODDS

The beginning of another week ......And what a roller coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!Are you in need of some motivation? Last week I closed my blog entry with a quote from Thomas Carlyle: "Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment"You gotta keep moving - while things make you angry - and are simply not going your way ... somebody is focusing on Beating the Odds!!! If you had a great week and a great weekend, now is the time to keep the momentum, if you had a rotten one.... Turn it around!...more