Even our motivating messages contradict themselves (warning: Rant Post!!)

Cheesy or not, I love me some motivating fitspo messages.  I join FB groups and Twitter feeds because they provide me with some daily uplifting messages that can sometimes give me that extra push I need.  Then I saw this one today: At first, I was all "WOO-HOO" because I am so struggling wit...more

Defeat rather than Hope

             Defeat is the biggest epidemic in America today. Throughout most of my life I have realized that often people allow themselves to be defeated rather than holding on to the hope that is always available. I am currently working on my degree to be a therapist. In my internship I have realized that many people coming to see me do not have as much of a chemical imbalance as they have lost hope sometime in life or had it stolen and they never got it back. Hope is something that can seem to be taken away but in actuality it is always available....more

I write because...

The NaBloPoMo prompt for today is “Tell us about a blog post you never published.”  I chuckled a little when I read this.  Truth is, there are too many to talk about.  Writing is painful for me. It activates so many of my stories and, at times, I have to just close my eyes and hit the publish button....more

5 Steps To Get to Your Fab Self

10 Songs to Keep You Motivated & Inspired

Do you wake up in the morning to certain songs to get your day started? Do you have that special playlist of songs that spice up your day and keep you MOTIVATED and INSPIRED? If you were to take a peek into my iPod you’d be able to see my variety of playlists that I have saved. My workout list, my cleaning list, my theme songs-inspirational list, my  bob ya head list, my gospel list, my jazz list, my writing list… I’m quite sure you get the picture. LOL ...more
I have nominated you for the Superstar Blogger ...more

Happy Monday

Whew! I looked up and thought "Oh my! I almost missed blogging for today." This NaBloPoMo challenge takes some effort. But so far so good.Happy Monday! You have made it through the most difficult day of the week. You have kickstarted a new week and it's in full force. This week will be whatever we make it. But it's our choice to make. Whatever you do this week, what ever you set out to achieve...OWN it. Don't give power over your time and your effort to someone else. Aim to strive, aim to inspire, aim to motivate and aim to give thanks....more

Dancing with Desire

Don't Overthink

Weekends are supposed to be free and relaxing for families.  I can't do it.  It's scripted in my genes to think, plan, research, organize, worry and start over.  And not necessary in that order.  I have been dealing with my special kids for almost 12 years now and it is the most difficult job anybody can imagine.  The job description changes every day and I feel compelled to roll with it.  It is not my nature to be spontaneous.  I lost sleep worrying about a new business plan.  It was an exciting anxiety, yet it felt too risky....more

How I Spent 146.35 Hours This Year

Hi everyone!Last year around this time, I was really struggling to make a commitment to exercising on a regular basis. I would occasionally go to a yoga class or go for a run through the neighborhood, but I never had a set routine. I would average maybe one hour per week, and I knew I needed to improve. My goal was to make it a habit....more
@Renee Quick-Chapman Thanks! :) Keeping a record of exercise can help you realize how far you've ...more