What Drives You?

Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else. – Buddha As is our spiritual world to our material world :)  What does a car and you have in common?  I did some thinking... and made a blog post about it on www.spirityourstyle.com. I hope you find it delightfully interesting.   ...more

Take your advice, and make it happen

I wrote a post today on the Better Fit Blog about the advice you would give yourself if you could go back in time five years.  It came to me when I was talking with my husband about what we would have done with our home had we known we would be living here for so long.  We would have changed the flooring, invested in nicer furniture and updated the painting. ...more

Daily Pondering

Those who control their tongue will have a long life. Opening your mouth will ruin you. Being quick at the tongue is not necessarily a good thing, although most think it's the way to be. Silence at times holds far more weight and respect than being verbal.www.embraceu.comwww.facebook.com/tonekapires...more

Kicking the abandonment habit (and how others can help)

I'm game: Just write. I'll read :)more

Making Him Proud: A Letter From a Student

It's the second day of my English composition class at community college. The assignment for the first ten minutes is for students to write a letter of introduction to me.They freak-out just a wee bit.A letter? To you? Right now?Some start writing almost immediately; some fret and chew their pens a bit. Almost all of them check the clock to see how long this agony? / delight? will last....more
 @isthisthemiddle Will await info from you on whether we can do anything.  What a great guy her ...more

Is motivation bound to culture?

Reinforcing awareness to the dangers of stereotyping has become second nature to me. As you will notice, despite my beliefs, there is a question that I am burning to ask. Does our cultural background mark our motivation in a particular manner? I occasionally wonder if there our cultural background marks our motivation and ask myself questions about what is the relation between motivation and culture. ...more

Motivation, writing and social media

Would you agree that it is more engaging to continue to write when you know that there are actually some people who would be out there to read your work? I wonder what is motivating you to continue to read this blog and at the same time, if you maintain your own blog, what is motivating you to continue to write your blog. ...more

'Motivation: where are you?'

I am aware of it, but it still surprises me how relative is motivation to mood. For the past couple of days I have let myself been driven by my mood swings and it has been quite an unproductive vicious circle I have found myself in. Unproductive in terms of my writing, I have had less control over my eating, finding the slightest comments made by others about what I wear to what I eat irritating, and most of all, I have been unwilling to think positively. In fact I have come to loose sight all the possibilities, loosing touch with my motivation. ...more

Motivation at work

 Around the topic of motivation, the following video posted on youtube illustrates 'what motivates us' particularly at work.  ...more