Embracing Your Whole Self in Your Career

As a person with successful dual careers (music and law), I have struggled with separating my music career from my legal career, mistakenly thinking that they were separate paths on separate journeys. In the early 90s, as I began to flourish in my music career while beginning to develop my legal career, I thought that my music career was counter to my law practice and that I had to be distinctly different people in each respective career....more

Where Does YOUR Motivation Come From?

What motivates you? For me, it’s being told that I “can’t” do something. When I was in high school, the boys I wanted to date were the ones that my Dad refused to allow me to date. In hindsight, thank you God, (and Dad), for not letting me marry a couple of them...especially that "one". Speaking of which, the boy that I married? The leaders in my church told me that I “couldn’t” marry him. Again thank you God, (and Dad), for overruling them on that one too. I got a good one didn’t I Dad? ...more

B.O.L.D presents "Let A Hater Starve©"!!

 Promote the people that Support you, not your haters. Let A Hater Starve© is a Social Media Campaign designed to give individuals a venue to promote all the supporters in their lives and break free from any kind of hatred whether it was self-induced or from the person's past. It's about celebrating the people in our lives that do support us and do truly have our backs. Also, to make a fresh start erasing all the hurt we may have felt in the past from a hater by forgiving them and ourselves to be free from the hate....more

Come on! Kick the Hornet's Nest Already!

Everyone needs a good fire under their butts sometimes to get things going again. I'm definitely no exception. After some inspiration, I've dusted off my manuscript and offered it to the Beta Reader gods. Still hoping my romantic comedy will finally grow up to be a real live novel. ♥Guam Goddess in Traininghttp://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2012/07/comeon-kick-my-hornets-nest-already.html ...more

Awareness, Examples and Fun: My Gateway to Healthy Living

I think knowing there are alternatives to the way we currently do things is important to changing bad habits. There are tasty treats out there that aren't bad for you, for example. There are activities out there that are good for you that don't feel like a chore. It's not hard to imagine this, but we're social animals. Nothing beats seeing this right in front of us, true as the sky above. ...more
Great Question!more

Going... Going... Gone!

When you're trying to achieve a long-term goal and it feels as though your destination is way too far in the distance, visual motivators can be a helpful way to stay encouraged throughout the process. Along these lines, an idea that I ran across on Pinterest caught my attention, and I thought I'd give it a try. I present to you my "Going... Going... Gone!" project! ...more
 @Isabel_Anders That's a great visual reminder - love it!more

What Falling Up The Stairs at the Movies Taught Me

Tonight I went to see Ted with my friend who has requested I use the pseudonym Big Booty Judy when writing about her. (I am amused, but haven't decided if I can separate its porn connotation.) Consider this post a trial period....more

Motivational Tips For Writers

Most writers feel their motivation slipping away from time to time.  Next time it happens to you, feel free to pick any one (or more) of my personal top twenty motivational tips for writers, and see if you can’t wrestle your writing motivation back into line. Write about what you love The best motivation is intrinsic. Trick yourself (if you need to) by not even planning to write something for publication....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” You’re Turning A Corner 6-23-12

Spiritual influences are working in the background much like the operating system of your computer.Your thought process is especially affected, with motivation for releasing negative thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.You’re turning a corner toward happiness and your hearts’ desires.Opposing Energies: Skeptical, indifference, fears, doubts, lost opportunities, regret and overbearing.Endings of relationships long due for closure, will begin the process of closure....more

Never Give Up!

                   Never, Never, Never Give up! -Winston Churchill ...more