It's not easy, but still I run

I have to face it - I'm not a natural runner. I've been doing it for years without getting good at it. Ten years ago I'd thunder along the pavement, red in the face and pouring with perspiration. At the height of my fitness a couple of years ago not much about my running style was different - a little faster but still red and hot (but not in good way). ...more

The 4 R's Every Person Should Know About

I'm asked a lot about how I became so happy and how do I maintain my positive outlook. My answer, 'Baby, I was born this way!'. No, but really, we were all born this way until we learned and acquired a new negative way to perceive things.Society has tricked us into believing we need this or that to be valued, respected, or significant.  We all want to be significant. And the truth is, aside from all the external things we buy, consume, or produce in hopes of gaining power and status, we already are significant....more


“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.”-Zig Ziglar ...more

Fab Fitness: Update Your Workout Gear to Boost Your Motivation!

There is nothing cute about ratty sweats and two sizes too big tee shirts right? So why is this standard workout gear for so many of us? If one of the reasons we go to the gym is to look good in our clothes, why are we rollin' up on a workout looking schlumpy and frumpy?You know that feeling you get when you strut your stuff in your sexiest pumps or that pair of jeans that makes you feel like you could put JLo's butt to shame? Experts say that what you wear to get your workout on can increase your confidence and motivation too. #BOOM...more

I'm lovin' my ass

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my ass for 39 years (the first ten years, I only paid attention if it was covered with shorts under my dress as I swung around the monkey bars). The Green family is known for their butts and hands. Every time a new baby boy is born we are marveling over his huge mitts, “Uh-huh, just like grandpa’s....more

Zig Ziglar: Dead at 86

The year 2012 has not been kind to our top business and motivational experts. First, Stephen Covey, and now Zig Ziglar. According to CNN, he died Wednesday after a short bout with pneumonia. ...more

F*** “No pain, no gain.” If it hurts you’re doing it wrong.

 Subtitle: How I learned to stop hating exercise and just sweat it out. Zumba es caliente!!I’m no skinny minny but I do love to work out. Actually what I really love is to shake what my mama gave me (which, thankfully, is plentiful). Luckily there are a ton of work-outs that require just that.I gotta be honest though. I didn’t always Love exercise. It wouldn’t be over-stating to say that I really used to hate it.When I was in middle school we had recess. You know, back when your average public school had the funds to provide a well-rounded education. We also had music class, but I’m digressing. Anyway, cut to Jr. High School where gym became a mandatory class and a change of clothing was a prerequisite.No sooner was sweating required before I started thinking of excuses to prevent having it happen to me…...more

Movember - No Mustaches Here!

Mo-vember has become a very popular tradition in the month of November. It’s a very fun way to help raise awareness for an important cause but Mo-vember has never really been a big thing in my household. This is the first year we’re even participating in the event. Well, I am not participating, technically, as I lack the special ability to grow face hair (thankfully)....more

Don't Be an Ass

  We are all asses.  There-- I said it.  You.  Me.  Your mom and dad.  The President.  Mother Teresa.  Your priest.  Your mail carrier....more

Background info....

      So..... ...more