Why I Get up at 4.30am Every Morning

Photo by SplitShire...more

The Growth Of Me

 As a disturbed teen (typical, with voices in my head) I always used to think that I will forever reside in the labyrinth of thoughts in my head - never growing as a huma...more

Fun Fearless Life Day 1 Notes

’m still on an inspirational high from this week’s Fun Fearless Life conference.  I filled my notebook with practical advice from celebrities, entrepreneurs, experts, etc and I’ve decided to share my notes with you.  So, this isn’t your typical blog post; it’s just my notes but hopefully there’s some gems in here that will help you live a fun fearless life....more

START NOW - EVEN IF YOU START SMALL! Some links on how to get started!

Hi everyone!Thank you for coming back to see what I come up with today and for following on twitter! You know, a couple of years ago, I was sitting in my apartment trying to think of something that would make me feel like what I did matters. I was an online bookseller, I operated out of a storage unit and a tiny office, and I felt pretty good about it because it was my first office!...more

So, I said to myself.....

There was a great character on Saturday Night Live called Stuart Smalley.  Stuart Smalley used to say "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me." This was a hilarious skit but the message was one of truth.  You can do what ever you want with your life but you have to tell yourself that you CAN do it.  ...more

If You Give a Little Love.

This week I saw this video (below) floating around in my Facebook newsfeed. I rarely watch/click on things people share because one thing leads to another and your time is just consumed into a big dark black hole after that first click and although it can be fun to see where the rabbit whole leads. well .. . there just isn't time. But the title to this video caught my attention and the date it was posted was marked as my birthday so .. I mean come on .. it had to be good right? And it was. ...more

What's it All About?

A blog that began talking about horses, morphed into the Big Move, that was moving from Oregon to Hawaii. After 7 months on the Big Island we loaded up a car, a pickup truck, a shipping container, one daughter, one seventeen month old grandson, two dogs, two cats, one husband and one narrator. Then like the Beverly Hillbillies, we rattled away for Southern California.....more

52 Positive Actions in 52 Weeks

I have decided to make this year count! To make sure this year is one to remember for great reasons, I have decided to make a significant positive action every week for the next year. All going well - by the end of December 2011 I can look back at this blog and count at least 52 positive actions I have consciously made.  I will also scatter throughout the year some unrelated blog entries to mix it up a bit and will invite inspirational guest bloggers to contribute as well....more

OHS Radio – LauraBeth Young – From Disabled to Dazzling

Trish’s guest for this week will be LauraBeth Young, an inspirational poet, writer, singer, motivational speaker, Achievement Life Coach, and the owner of ~Cheerful Hearts~ ...more

Motivational Holiday Decor Gifts for under $20 from The Art Whisperer

Sunday, December 5, 2010 The Art Whisperer. Questions for Tiffany Michelle, The Art Whisperer & Creator of Artist Adventure...What inspires you?  My inspiration comes from the success stories of underdogs who win with surprising tactics and the power of their own personal bel...more