Riddle Me This...

We live in the Litchfield Hills of Northwestern Connecticut which is, much to my teenage daughters disbelieve, a vacation destination, it's a place people want to visit. During the tourist season, spring, summer and fall, thousands of tourist roll through the area; they fill our restaurants, spend money in our fancy shops and get in our way at the grocery store. We love our tourists but I've noticed something about motorcyclists:I see lots of men driving motorcyclesI see lots of men driving motorcycles with women on the backI see lots of women driving motorcycles...more
"Thoughts from Kraken's Mind." Scary. Very scary. This caught me by surprise and I laughed ...more

Cupid's Misfires

I got two bouquets of flowers for Boss's Day this year, I also get them sometimes because it's a Tuesday or because I'm really tired, or because he felt like it. I buy chocolate whenever it's on sale. The Chief Lou and I have "Date Night" every night after the monkeys go to sleep - where usually we eat the sale chocolate and watch DVDs or read together or something incredibly romantic like that. Valentine's Day in our house is centered mostly on the manufacture of tiny handmade cards for classmates and surprising the monkeys with balloons and treats on the morning of February 14th....more

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA

La Dolce Vita Veloce:AROMA CUCINA http://bit.ly/mxdxQ4 For those who don't speak Italian, that roughly translates to the The Fast Sweet Life.  All in a day (or so): infiorata (decorating w/ flowers) for Corpus Domini in Montone, a ride to the Ligurian Riviera with the top down, cocktails and dinner al fresco in Porto Venere, an early morning visit to the industrial port, and a maiden voyage motorcycle ride back home to Umbria.  Mamma mia, siamo stanchi!  ...more

Motorcycle Roadtrip for Coastal Cusine, Day 2

Benjamin Daymon's Tastes & Travels http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5432730/motorcycle_road_trip_for_coastal_cuisine.html ...more

Racing Towards Midlife - Dangerous Curves Ahead

    Mid-life comes with it's challenges.  Standing face-to-face with our own mortality leads some of us to panic.  You know, the kind of panic that puts men in red convertibles, racing down the highways, comb-overs flapping in the breeze?      Sorry for putting that image into your minds, but I had to do it.  It's my way of trying to scare you straight.  ...more

Motorcycle Men

If you recall, I have a few deal breakers when it comes to a guy I'll date. A few are unbreakable, but many act more as red flags cautioning me to "be careful, don't get too invested, this guy probably isn't the one." One of the red flags I take very seriously is motorcycle ownership. ...more