How Dangerous Are Over-The-Counter Painkillers? Are You at Risk?

It has become second nature for most of us to self medicate our headaches, joint pain, and athletic injuries with over-the-counter pain medications. Many of us may have even been directed to do so by a physician. But how safe are over-the-counter painkillers? ...more

i sometimes self medicate using OTC medicines but i make sure i am not making it a habit.I still ...more

Thank you Dr. Sears for Saving my Life...

Ok... The title may be a little dramatic... but any mom would appreciate this story. Picture this... It's 3:00 in the morning and DS#1 wakes up with 101.3. You have one dose of Tylenol left and he takes it. Phew... No problem, you can go to CVS tomorrow morning. Now... It's 3:15 and DS#2 wakes up with 102. What do you do? ...more

Motrin Advertising Agency Remains Mum

If you visit you won't find anything to clue you in that they are ground zero of one of the most breathtaking examples of how the balance of power between consumers and corporate America has shifted--thanks to social media. No mea culpa. No apologies. No witty, pithy or even snarky promise of lessons learned. ...more

Thank you for articulating the process that companies and agencies typically  follow.It made ...more

Baby Is The New Black.

Wear you, wear you, in the houseWear you, wear you, will my spouse.Through the mall and on a ship,In a sling or by my hip.At a party, in the kitchen.Babywearing sure is bitchin'. Wear you, wear you, here or thereI will wear you everywhere. Auntie wears you in a pack,Daddy wears you on his back.Mommy wears you where you'll fit,Standing up, or when I sit.Snuggled close up to my chest,Babywearing is the best. Wear you, wear you, here or thereI will wear you everywhere.   ...more

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Blogging Mom On Twitter and YouTube

I bet the marketing department over at Motrin is using quite a bit of their own product right now. Over the weekend, Motrin released an ad on their website targeted at moms who carry their babies in a sling or similar device, and may need back pain relief.  To Motrin's surprise, the ad generated quite a bit of furious backlash. The NY Times Magazine put up a transcript of the voiceover: ...more

Motringate: The ad wasn't the issue. Motrin just didn't listen.

OK so, if you have a life outside the internet, and if you don't find yourself obsessively checking Twitter all the time, and you're generally not a big fat geek, you may not have heard of Motringate. The Reader's Digest version goes, Motrin posted an ad on their website. ...more

I'm one of those babywearing mamas that got irked when I heard about that ad (via a post on ...more