Mountain biking winter safety tips

Introduction:Mountain biking winter safety tips is written to provider you the reader with useful information about how to be secure when mountain biking during the winter season. As the best mountain bike under 1000 has been well used through the methods shown below.Things to consider when going for mountain biking during winter....more

Seven Reasons Why Mountain Biking is Better Than Road Biking

If you want to have an awesome adventure on your mountain bike, then your choices on terrain and venues speaks out loud. There are several reasons why people ride bicycles and adventure and exercise being some of the most important reasons. Biking is very important in keeping the body fit and thus keeping some lifestyle diseases at bay....more

Summer Break Is Coming: Get Outside -- on Bikes -- with Your Kids!

Spring is here and time to head back outdoors again. One of the best ways my family enjoys the outdoors is on bikes. For Earth Day three years ago, I posted about getting out your bikes and checking on Rail Trails on TrailLink, sponsored by the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy. Back then, my daughter was five years old and usually rode (slept) in a bike trailer. Now we’ve ventured into mountain biking as family. We don’t live in an area that is safe to bike in the streets, so my 8-year-old daughter has only ridden her bike in our driveway. When I suggested that we hit the rail trail this year, she was a bit anxious about the narrowness of the trail and the number of people zipping by....more