Help! Our Nanny Is Leaving!

Life is complicated. Thank goodness there are experts to help us untangle some of the vexing issues that, well, vex us on a daily basis. The Mouthy Housewives are here to help, three times a week. Today, the Housewives answer an exclusive BlogHerMoms question!...more
What do you do to prepare for the departure of your beloved summer nanny? You have three ...more

My Marriage for a Cell Phone!

My 8-year-old son recently asked me if I would divorce his father so he can have a cell phone. (All of his friends at school with divorced parents have cell phones.) I told him, "Of course not!" and had a long talk with him about it, but he's still upset that he's not getting one and asks me every day. WTF? Any ideas?...more
@ambereft Uh oh. Let me see what's going on...-Momomore