Wine: It's What's For Stress Relief

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Is it bad to turn to Pinot Grigio for stress relief? Signed, Ramona. Dear Ramona, Bad? Stress? Wine? I'm afraid I don't...understand. I mean, I personally find Pinot Grigio very light and bodiless, sort of a thirst quencher after a power walk, but if it helps you beat the stress, who am I to argue?...more

I'm Too Sleepy for Morning Sex

While I’ve never exactly been enthusiastic about sex in the first place, I certainly like it a lot better when I’m more conscious than a tranquilized moose. He, however, has the normal hormones of a male raging at 6am. How do I go about moving this time back to when I get into bed? I still tend to go to bed an hour or two after he does, but he still leaves for work an hour before my preferred wakeup time, so fair’s fair, right?...more
There's a lesson for this at try reading their blogsmore

Did I Say It Was Okay To Use A Nickname?

My friends insist on using a nickname for my son “Alex” but I prefer the full name “Alexander.” Should I just give up? ...more
When I was a child, my parents did not want nicknames for me or my siblings. My father in ...more

How Should I Handle My Step-Mama Drama?

I am the proud (step)mom of a lovely 4-year-old little lady, with whom I share an incredibly close bond. I have been wearing my “mommy” shoes since her (single) father and she moved into my home when she was a 9-month-old baby. Her biological mother suffers from behavioral and mental illnesses that cause extreme outbursts and instability, and at the time she was not at all interested in being present in her daughter’s life.Recently, however, the Biological Mother has been seeking help and has been trying to step back into the picture. Although this should be a great thing—the more love, the better!—I am starting to get really worried about our little family’s future. We are expecting a baby this winter, and the news of a new child in the family is sure to set off past issues with Bio Mom. This is supposed to be such a happy time for us yet all I feel is STRESS STRESS STRESS!HELP!Step-Mommy Dearest...more
I am the stepmother of six children (two different men). I have been actively step-parenting for ...more

What's The Cure for Middle Child Syndrome?

My 6-year-old son is pulling all kinds of annoying crap lately…mostly whining and complaining about things not being fair between siblings or with the universe in general. I think it’s a phase because I remember our oldest acting like a similar pain at this age. The problem is, every time my husband and I discuss our son in private, my husband gets all wound up and worries about him suffering from Pathetic Middle Child Syndrome. Well, I’m a middle child thankyouverymuch and I get pretty defensive every time he argues his case for PMCS. How do we have a decent conversation without me getting all “Marcia Marcia Marcia” about it?...more
Easy way to solve the problem, you know - have an even number of children....more

Get That Kid to Stop Whining

My 3-year-old is the whiniest child I have ever met! It began almost a year ago when my son was born. She whines when he touches her toys, or his own toys, or a cup, or her! And then in the same whiny voice she has to give us a play by play of everything my son does throughout the day, “He’s touching the TV!” “He’s eating a Cheerio!” Please tell me this stage will end soon and what I can do to help this attitude out the door?...more

Helicopter Parenting: Pardon My Propeller

A friend recently made an off-hand comment that I’m a helicopter mom. It really upset me because I consider myself a responsible parent, but I certainly don’t hover....more
Yeah, you definitely need to be sure to give kids space. But you also have to be responsible as ...more