Movember Playlist: For The Men In Our Lives

It’s November and that means the mustaches are growing out for a good cause! This awareness for men’s health is especially close to my heart, as my brother is battling cancer....more

Movember - No Mustaches Here!

Mo-vember has become a very popular tradition in the month of November. It’s a very fun way to help raise awareness for an important cause but Mo-vember has never really been a big thing in my household. This is the first year we’re even participating in the event. Well, I am not participating, technically, as I lack the special ability to grow face hair (thankfully)....more

Is it over yet?

As the hubby looked over yesterday's post, his comment to me was "You are soooo running out of ideas, aren't you!!!". To which my instinct was to reply with a GROWWWLLLL! But I laughed instead. Mainly because it's true [and because he added a "but, nice pictures" after his comment]. I am sooooo running out of ideas....more
@RWGmom Have fun! Enjoy your night on the town ;)more

Mo update

Here's a quick update on the hubby's Mo-challenge this month...His Mo is coming in nicely. Though, he's more of a beard guy so it's a little odd for me to see him grow a Mo. I took a picture of his lack of Mo on day 1 of the challenge. And then took another photo on day 7 [though by his count, it would be day 6... I call that cheating, but whatever]....more


This Month is Movember: Moustache Growing for Men's Health Awareness

Today kicks off the the month formerly known as November, at least to the men who participate in Movember, growing facial hair in order to raise awareness (and money) for a plethora of men's health causes. You may wonder what this has to do with women, the sex who usually has problems growing anything beyond peach fuzz. But women absolutely have everything to do with Movember, much in the same way men support our efforts to raise awareness for women's health causes in various months. ...more
You can follow my mustache progress @ It's a blog about living ...more

2 challenges - 1 month

Hey, guess what... I've been blogging for a year now. Actually a little over a year, I missed my blogiversary which was October 14th. [Yay, me!]...more
Best of Luck with NaBloPoMo! I hope you have an excellent month of blogging!more