You Know What Goes Best with Turkey? Peanuts!

The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without Peanuts. With a capital P. You can have your honey-glazed and sweet-and-spicy varieties, I’ll take mine with a dose of Charlie Brown and the gang. From Halloween straight through Yuletide, there is a trifecta of wonderful memories: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas. And though Charlie Brown with his furrowed brow and ceaseless misfortunes was the underdog in need of good cheer, Linus was the guy I sympathized with....more

The song from Frozen I wish my kids didn't listen to...

My kids listen to the Frozen soundtrack all the time… It’s in our car, it’s in our house -- at this point it’s in our very souls.  I find myself singing it even without my kids around, which is sad, really, but I’ve definitely had worse kids songs trapped in my head.  (“Elmo raps the alphabet” probably tops that list.)...more
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