How to Tell if a TV Show is Appropriate for Your Children

Moms have to worry about a lot of things that their kids might come into contact with. Moms want to ensure that their kids are always safe from harm and doing activities that promote learning and a positive attitude. This is not always an easy task and there are a lot of reasons for moms to worry about what their kids might be exposed to. One of these concerns is what they are watching on TV....more

8 Great Mid-Season Shows You’ll Want to Watch

It is that time of year again on television. The reign of mid-season premiers continues this spring with some surprising new shows ready to make a big splash in the entertainment world, including shows on both network channels and premium cable. Normal Heart via HBO Here is a run down of great new shows popping up in the final weeks of April and the beginning of May 2014. April 22: Faking It (MTV) ...more
Penny Dreadful is brilliant but Bad Teacher, thankfully, has already been cancelled.more

Draft Day Film Interview w/Tom Welling: From Superman to Football Hero...

       Tom Welling is insanely good looking, has perfect teeth and eyes that you can l...more

Where The Heck Have I Been? A Story In Graphs

By now, you've noticed I haven't been blogging as much. Lately, once a week is about all I can manage. Why, you ask? Well, I have a convenient chart ready that explains where my time has gone and simultaneously demonstrates my bomb Excel skills.Where Natalie Spends Her Time...more