Because We Can't Have Everything...

They say you can’t have everything. And it’s true. It would all be just too much to carry. Too many possessions and people and places and possibilities. Too many ideas and dreams and memories…and feelings. ...more

4 year and 2 day surgiversary

May 31, 2011 was the day that Dolores was born.  Who is Dolores?  Well, she is my stomach.  You see, I had Roux ny gastric bypass surgery that morning, and that was truly the beginning of my transformation....more

The Art of "Just Losing It"

Just after we both turned 40, my best friend lost her mother to cancer.  Always a rock inside and out, she dealt with her grief, arranged the funeral, planned a lovely wake and did a cancer walk in her mother’s honor.  All with a freshly pressed wardrobe and not a hair out of place.  And then, as the dust settled and the frenzy of activity began to wane, something happened.  She lost it. ...more

What if . . . ?

It’s been more than a year and a half since that fire. The house has been completely gone for over a year--nothing remains but a giant “foot print” where the house used to be. We settled with the insurance company, and my husband and I went our separate ways. Two of the kids live with me, the third lived with my oldest son until her marriage last month. My husband bought a mobile home nearer his work, and lives alone. We’ve all settled in and are moving on....more

How to cut him off! (for good this time)

How to cut him off....more
Yooouuuu!!! what a good read!!!more

MOVING ON - Friday Fictioneers

 It’s Friday and time for fiction of 100 words, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-FieldsPHOTO PROMPTCopyright -Mary Shipman...more

No Apologies

 A lot of the blogs and FaceBook friends I follow have been posting motivational or inspirational quotes recently. I think a lot of these are great, but it got me thinking of this one:...more

Dreams can become reality

I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. I lived there for 36 years, till July 17th of 2012 when I packed up 5 of my 6 kiddos (my oldest daughter would soon learn she too had outgrown Tucson and join her mama along with her then fiancé just 2 short months later) & my 2 labs in my suburban and left behind all I ever known following the moving truck with all we owned in it!...more

Hoarder Of the Blues

I’m forced to admit that I found some things that I had packed into boxes when I moved that never should have made the move.  I also should have known better when I asked my friend, Stephanie, to help me shift some things around in my garage.  She came across some items and shouted “Jennifer Ann” shrill enoug...more

This Broken Heart

I’ve been told that we’re supposed to grow from pain. Learn from the past, forgive, grow stronger, gain wisdom and character. Take to our faith in troubled times, and embrace it.There’s truth in those beliefs. We’re always growing, moving, and changing. Even when we dig in our heels, and hide under the covers. Because you can’t stop life, even when you’re broken, even when your caught in bliss....more