Goodbye California. Hello Midwest. Musings on Moving Home.

I'm leaving on a jet plane.  Well, not exactly. I'm actually leaving next week in my white Camry hybrid and heading back to Minnesota, to the little town where I was born and raised....more
@lainierenee Hey, sorry for the delay in writing! I'm in MN and getting settled. Yes, I'm going ...more

Move On Down, Move On Down the Road

We get a move on, we’re on the move, we move in different circles, we move while standing still, and then we move house. Since my son was in my womb, we’ve moved home five times.  Of course, this nomadic modus vivendi was not intentional.  While pregnant, I envisioned us in the same home until my little guy went off to college or at least until he graduated from high school and announced that he’d take a year to live in the Andes and run with the Alpacas, learn to make igloos from Inupiat Eskimos, or train to perfect his trick catch in an effort to win the boomera...more