How coming from a large family made moving out difficult

I’ve grown up literally COMPLETELY surrounded by people my entire life.  I come from a large family that is always around – dozens of aunts and uncles and cousins, not to mention 4 siblings.  Living in a house with 6 other people was all I knew – hell, my one sister and I shared a bedroom up until the day I moved out.  So naturally, I’ve just always been used to people constantly being around, and no privacy.And then I moved out....more

Why Kicking Your Kid Out of the House Isn’t a Terrible Idea

 When your son was a little boy and decided to run into the middle of a busy street, what did you do? Did you give him a high five or a big hug for trying something new? Or did you give him a good slap on the bum and tell him to never do that again?...more

5 Thrifty Ways of Moving Out

A new home can be a large financial burden for homeowners. This is why you should consider making your move as cheap and efficient as possible. This can be achieved by using left over packing materials, moving on the right day and much more.Image Source:

It's time to go home, wherever that is.

I'm a full-time grad student lucky enough to have my own studio apartment, courtesy of my University job. I decided that some time at home with my family was needed, and verbally committed to spending the week of Christmas at my mom & dad's house. Normally, this would be stressful. (Trust me, it has been at times.) However, I was looking forward to homecooking, family time, and cuddling with my dog, a lot....more

The Day You Left Me

Most of all, thank you for leaving me the blanket for when I curl up on the couch to sleep tonight, my laptop at my side, a pile of books at hands’ reach -- the way you first found me, only so much more. You leave me as more, not less, because of your refusal to let me leave that first time I tried -- the second and third, so long ago now -- when I was terrified of closeness. You taught me that closeness was possible. You taught the wildfire the beauty of a hearth. And maybe I'm not meant to be a hearth, but now I know what it means to be a safe place even as I rush across Sepulveda Pass. ...more
Beautiful - thank you for sharing!more

{Your Questions} I'm in a Stalled Relationship and Want Out. Help!

Q: I've been with the same guy for years, but it's not going anywhere. We live together, but I can't really see us together forever. I have to believe there's someone better for me out there, but I'm honestly too comfortable to make drastic moves. Not to mention, I do love him. HELP Big Sis, I'm so confused!!!    ...more

Ten Things That Changed In Me When I Moved

Before I begin, I would like to briefly describe how I wound up on this farm, and to state that I am, by no means, a farm girl, but merely a city girl that loves to get her hands dirty. This is not intended to be a 'downer' post or a self-centered "poor me" one, but a few life lessons that I have learned in my 19 short years of existence, and possibly some tips for those that aren't coping so well with moving out....more

You say I owe how much for rent? How Modern Girls Handle Independent Living

www.notetoyoulilsis.comWith more and more women choosing to hold off on "settling down", or coming out of long term relationships - the modern girl is looking to living on their own. No roommates, No man, No compromise. As ladies embark on this new adventure, we'll try to make this transition smoother! Here are a few tips to ensure you stay ahead of the curve....more

I think this is what it means to come full circle.

Something about my activity this last week feels very familiar.   I walk into a neat, clean, welcoming room; a room that looks absolutely perfect but for the absence of its owner.  I wander in and out of it from day to day, puffing up a pillow there, smoothing out an already smooth bedcover there.  The pictures are in place, the curtains hang neatly, and the little touches that make it unique remain intact from day to day.  ...more

You're Perfect, Now Change! Repurposing Your Life After 40

by Billie Brown ...more