4 Things I Learned After Moving In With My Boyfriend

At 19, I remember a precise moment when I felt I had a grip on this life thing. Somehow I thought I had matured to this ripe age when I could function as a grown up in society.I was attending NYU and my parents didn’t want to pay for me to live in the dorm because they believed we lived close enough for me to commute. I did this for half of a semester and will not elaborate as to why three modes of transportation before class might be a buzzkill to the “college experience.”...more

Dr. Romance Video: 7 Things to Consider before Moving in Together or Making Financial Commitments

(To view video, click here.)Moving in together is a financial commitment, and so is marriage, so it’s important to consider the tough issues you’ll face as a cohabiting or married couple. Dr. Romance presents seven things you should consider before entwining yourselves financially as well as emotionally....more

Living in sin

After living the life of a single gal for a few years I thought I'd be too selfish to let anyone get close enough, but obviously not as after a somewhat whirlwind romance my boyfriend and I have recently moved in together!It's all very exciting!It's early in the morning and I've just kissed him goodbye, wished him a great day and while I was saying hello to my dog I was thinking of what we'd have for dinner. Have I turned into a wannabe housewife or have I lost my mind?...more

Is Moving in Together a Good Idea?

It would be excellent if there was an equation, a check list, or some elaborate chart to complete on a spreadsheet in this post to help you determine whether it's a good idea to move in with someone. But there isn't. This is only a story about how I finally decided to take that step. ...more
Is living together an end in itself? Just asking because, if you have a different agenda than ...more

Merging families without marriage

Two weeks ago I wrote about moving in with my boyfriend, Mr....more

Goodbye single mom home.

So Mr. W (the boyfriend) and I are planning on shacking up in the next couple of weeks.  We’ve been working out the details for several months now.  Mapped out are how the kids will be going to school, how the finances will be split up, who gets to park where in the driveway, and calendars coordinated to include a merged family’s daily schedule....more

...although sometimes it just takes time...and a few kissed frogs. But 7 years into this single ...more

Five Things to Discuss Before You Move in Together

Moving in together with a romantic partner is a big and exciting step in any relationship. As couples decide to share their lives this way, they also need to discuss the financial aspects of cohabitation. ...more

When Real Estate Plays a Part in Your Relationship

Scenario:  You are in a great relationship in New York City (or any city for that matter).  You make each other happy.  You can't wait to see that person after a long day at work.  You love sleeping next to them and miss them when they are not there.  You ...more

Ive been "living" with my ex-husband in the same house for a year because of the ...more