Moving back home

Sometimes I tease my Mom about her home (sorry, Mom), because she maintains two guest bedrooms that are reserved for her grandchildren to stay with her whenever they want. I tease her because I know it takes a lot of work to keep up her home, but she does a lovely job with it. And, my son absolutely loves the idea that he has his own bedroom at his Nana's house....more

How to Make It in New York City as a Recent College Graduate

You just graduated and are planning a highly anticipated move to New York City to pursue your dreams. Good for you. As on top-of-the-world as you feel, do realize that the Big Apple isn’t the simplest to adjust to, but if you prepare and gain a good grasp on how to go about the transition into the big city, you will be able to succeed and make it in the real world. Here’s some guidance in how to do just that so your future can be as bright as possible in New York City. The Job Hunt...more

The Real Cost of Living in California

They say home is where the heart is…but what if your heart can’t afford to live there?I hail from California, but moved to Washington nearly two years ago. Usually, someone gets pretty excited when they hear this. They picture clear, blue oceans and pristine beaches filled of happy, smiling people who all get along with one another. They also picture celebrities walking around and glamorous cities. In other words, they picture brochure versions of San Diego and Los Angeles....more
I'm originally from Seattle but live in Canada. I've dreamed of living in California my whole ...more

The U-haul workout

I was conveniently out of town the last several times my little sister moved. (Just like I’m conveniently out of town when anyone I know moves…) But she and my bro-in-law just got their first house together, and their move date happened to be during my university’s fall break. And as it was also right after two ginormous Thanksgiving meals, I volunteered to help thinking, Sure, that’ll make a nice workout....more

When mom and dad are your roommates

I have returned to my Mother's nest twice in my life. The first time was right after college, when I stayed there for three months to search for my first job. The second time was when job situations caused me to live apart from my husband and I was pregnant and no one wanted me living on my own. I was fortunate that both times my Mom and Step-Dad were there to take me in and take care of me....more

How We Picked a Place to "Settle Down"

Everyone always talks about "settling down". This phrase never excited me because everyone made it sound bad and boring... kinda like getting married! Game over! "Settling down" was something that boring, older people did when it was time to stop having fun, and I never saw a point come in my life where fun would hit a brick wall and "settling down" would happen....more

Daring to Let Go

Pulling open the hall closet doors reveals fifteen years of accumulated memories. I start slowly, making piles of school supplies, arts and crafts, photo books. There's all the old stencils that I never got around to using and three new boxes of crayons. Half a dozen old school binders that only a thirteen year old would love.We've decided to put this house up for sale in the new year....more

How Taking a Summer Break from my Business Helped Me Grow More than Ever

Oh baby, baby…It feels so good to be back!I thought my last true summer break was the year that I worked at the American Girl Store (I think I’m STILL finding glitter on my body from that summer…) But this summer, I was in for a big surprise.On May 19th, my boyfriend called me and told me the words that I had been waiting so long to hear; he just received a job offer in Los Angeles....more

How to Make the Perfect DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

You have seen me write about the housewarming baskets I have made for our good friends and the basket I made for ...more

Education: On Second Thought

Our family loves to watch home renovation shows. Our favorite show is Fixer Upper. I love that show so much visiting Magnolia has been added to my bucket list but I digress. Without fail, no matter the show, if there is a family searching for a home their main requirement is to be in a great school district. It used to define where we would live too....more