Creamy Chicken Pasta

First off, sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I haven’t been cooking new stuff. It’s amazing how many times a week you can eat pork chops and steamed vegetaables when you aren’t feeling inspired. We’re moving soon so in a few weeks (maybe 3 or 4) I should have my own brand new kitchen up and running and we should have internet again by then… So I will definitely be cooking interesting things again. 9 Days until the move! *Happy Dance*...more

A Moving Story

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I'll wait while you offer your condolences. Did you know that Cleveland has fewer sunny days per year than Seattle? Lake Erie makes everything really, really cloudy from Cleveland to probably 40 miles south. It's ridiculous.And, actually, I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland called Parma. If you know anything about Parma, I'm sure you want to offer me further pity. I understand. Some fun(ish) facts about Parma:...more

Isn't that funny? I used to wish I had NOT became a Christian when I was so young (think ...more

Moving Requires Lots of Lube

Okay, so I guess it's getting to be the time to let the cat out of the bag. No, not Zombie Kitty, though she did get herself into a bag inside a box this morning... anyway. I've mentioned bits and pieces here and there, but with the subject matter of today's post, it's time to go ahead and let it out....more

Like you, I've moved a lot and the military always paid for my moves - and then I had to start ...more

10 Ways to Deal With Uncertain Future Anxiety

Over the past five years, I have gone through so many transitions, and many periods of time when I had no idea what was next.  This episode of uncertainty is a little more extreme than the others, and I thought it would be good to come up with a real plan for handling my Uncertain Future Anxiety (UFA.) 1.  Recall past experiences of UFA, not knowing how things would turn out, and review the ways in which everything really did turn out OK. ...more

I always love hearing from other expats, and their experiences generally prove that it turns out ...more

Tips: Choosing A Moving Company

Moving can be very stressful especially when you are moving across the country. Choosing the right mover can make all the difference. I've moved from Boston to San Diego to NYC to London to NYC and finally to Palo Alto, CA.  I've learned a few lessons along the way.For my best moving tips read my recent post.Tips: Choosing a Moving Company...more

Excuse me!

Hey y'all! ...more

You've Got To Move It, Move It! The second crucial component to so many people's New Year's resolutions to lose weight seems to involve running out and getting a gym membership and trainer...stat! We regulars annoyingly anticipate the influx of newbies, as they take our usual machine or place in class, because we know most of them won't make the cut of lasting much past the beginning of February....more

Saving Money by Living in the Middle of Nowhere

Six months ago, we moved from the lonesome prairie of South Dakota to "urban" Helena, Montana. Today, we looked over our most recent bank statements and wondered where we'd gone wrong.In the middle of nowhere in South Dakota, we paid $115 a month to rent a little place in teacher housing. Each week, we drove 30 miles to buy groceries. Groceries, now that we think about it, were really the only thing we ever bought. We ate out once in awhile, but our only local options were Subway and the Starlite Snack Shop, so we weren't exactly breaking the bank....more

Saying Goodbye to Recruiting Duty

Saying goodbye to Recruiting Duty ...more

You Know You're Married to a Baseball Coach When...

You can tell the difference between an 82 MPH fastball and an 86 MPH fastball.  No seriously, I can.  Once after a baseball game Joe asked me what I thought of the team.  I responded, "Honestly honey, I thought our guy didn't seem to be throwing very hard."  "Well, yeah." Joe replied.  "He was only throwing about 82-84.  You're used to seeing 86-88."  Seriously?  I surprised even myself on that one. ...more