Moving Days 1 & 2

 I am not a fan of moving or packing. It is exhausting and not really all that fun. I've had two days of moving so far and if I'm being honest I am over it. Haha. I still have all my big furniture left; the bed, desk, dresser and book shelf. But I have moved all of my bathroom stuff, clothes and all of my little knick knacks/ decor items. ...more

And so it begins...

 We are moving house this month. In preparation for this, we've already had a garage sale to downsize before the move. And... we had a painting party, our new space needed a little love. A few of our amazing friends came over for the day and helped us bust out the whole house. It was awesome. (Thanks again friends!...more


Happy Friday! I am having a great Friday so far, because three big things finally happened!1. I finally nailed my tempo run!I’ve been struggling with this run for this entire training cycle.I am using the Runners World Smart Coach Training Plan for this marathon. This plan prescribes paces for each run (including tempo runs), based on a recent race result that I plugged in....more

Settling In

This weekend we moved in to our new apartment! Our POD with all of our furniture won’t get here until Thursday, so we are making do with an air mattress this week. We’ve been eating dinner on the floor while watching DVDs on my laptop, because we didn’t even have internet....more

Our Cross Country Road Trip by the Numbers

0# of times we got a speeding ticket1# times we hit traffic (guess what city)1# of times we got lost3# of nights we spent in Wyoming...more

Running Quiz

Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend, which means we start our cross country road triptomorrow!Yesterday, we got everything packed in to our POD.I can’t believe everything fit!...more

What I Ate Wednesday: Moving Edition

Happy Wednesday!We are moving to California in 3 days and so our place is a disaster! Everything is pretty much packed at this point, so everything I ate on Tuesday had to be something easy to make that didn’t require any dishware. I’ve packed the entire kitchen, except for some tupperware, one fork (so I can still eat) and one glass. I am just going to throw out the tupperware, fork and glass when we leave....more

Moving for Two: How to Move When You’re a Caregiver

Moving for one is difficult, let alone moving for two. Some caregivers find themselves orchestrating moves for seniors when they need to transfer to a smaller home or retirement community. If you’re getting ready to help move a loved one or a senior you’ve been caring for to a new home or facility, here are some tips you’ll find helpful:...more

7 Ways to Avoid Damage to Stored Furniture

Placing furniture in a storage unit is a good way to keep belongings safe until you are ready to use and/ or sell them. But, to keep furniture safe while in storage you need to know how to prepare it for those conditions.  Use the ideas below as a guide to protect mattresses, dining room tables and chairs, and other valuables while in storage. ...more

How to Make Friends in Your Thirties

When I dropped Kai off in daycare the other day, one of his little classmates ran over to greet him and asked: "Do you want to be my friend today?" We hear this sentence a lot lately. Everything from toys to humans makes friends over and over. It's very simple and goes like this - a question is asked about whether the object of affection would consider friendship and then the object happily agrees. Alternatively, it is just announced that two planes/cars/animals ("aminals" per Kai) are now friends. ...more