What I Ate Wednesday: Moving Edition

Happy Wednesday!We are moving to California in 3 days and so our place is a disaster! Everything is pretty much packed at this point, so everything I ate on Tuesday had to be something easy to make that didn’t require any dishware. I’ve packed the entire kitchen, except for some tupperware, one fork (so I can still eat) and one glass. I am just going to throw out the tupperware, fork and glass when we leave....more

Moving for Two: How to Move When You’re a Caregiver

Moving for one is difficult, let alone moving for two. Some caregivers find themselves orchestrating moves for seniors when they need to transfer to a smaller home or retirement community. If you’re getting ready to help move a loved one or a senior you’ve been caring for to a new home or facility, here are some tips you’ll find helpful:...more

7 Ways to Avoid Damage to Stored Furniture

Placing furniture in a storage unit is a good way to keep belongings safe until you are ready to use and/ or sell them. But, to keep furniture safe while in storage you need to know how to prepare it for those conditions.  Use the ideas below as a guide to protect mattresses, dining room tables and chairs, and other valuables while in storage. ...more

How to Make Friends in Your Thirties

When I dropped Kai off in daycare the other day, one of his little classmates ran over to greet him and asked: "Do you want to be my friend today?" We hear this sentence a lot lately. Everything from toys to humans makes friends over and over. It's very simple and goes like this - a question is asked about whether the object of affection would consider friendship and then the object happily agrees. Alternatively, it is just announced that two planes/cars/animals ("aminals" per Kai) are now friends. ...more

De-cluttering my Closet

I didn’t have a run on the schedule today so after walking Pippa, I did 3 work out videos, foam rolled and then got to work on my closet. We are moving in a little over 3 weeks and it’s time to start getting organized! My mission today: sort through my clothes and get rid of anything I don’t wear. I found so many items that I’ve been holding on to that I haven’t worn in years!...more

Settling In Is Unsettling

Dairy nearly made me cry last night, and not because I’m lactose-intolerant.I was at my new grocery store less than a block from my new home, and they don’t sell my favorite yogurt. There were plenty of Greek yogurt options, including my second fav, but no Fage. If my daughter and husband hadn’t been with me, I would have been reduced to a puddle of tears among the milk and cheese.What kind of person cries over yogurt?...more
Having just moved into a new place myself a few weeks ago, I can totally relate! I constantly ...more

Somedays you just can't win...

Can’t use the excuse that I have too much on my mental plate, as caregiving of Mom is long done. I blame the Cil lifestyle currently known as nomadic life, aka, moving. We have tried to arrange things to some degree but with limited space it is hard to do. Things that we have put in one place, well, then we have to make space for other stuff and then you want to get rid of things that need to be trashed..and so on and so on. ...more

Moving 500 Miles with Three Young Boys and One on the Way

Less than a month ago, my husband received a job offer for what’s basically his dream job. The only problem is that this job requires us to move from San Diego County to the Bay Area, California, near San Francisco. It’s not the longest move I’ll have made in my life – I’ve twice moved across the country – but those moves were made when my life was far less full than it is now....more

Home Hunting: What's important to you?

 My next adventure?...more

Tips For Your Next Garage Sale

 With summer upon us, many are making room for the charcoal grill and pool –side furniture by clearing out last year’s outgrown sweaters and tossing worn camping supplies....more