You know what? There IS life after elections!

Okay, the elections are over! And there really is life after elections. I poured a lot of my heart and soul into the promotion of my personal candidate. I tolerated the negativity, the name calling, the out and out lies - from both sides....more
@HomeRearedChef Thank you for visiting, Virginia. Yes, it has taken us a long time to move. Much ...more

A Restful Weekend - Much Needed

It's Sunday night and I'm sitting with my feet propped up in front of the television. My husband said he was going to fix supper. I'm still waiting. :-) At 7:45 p.m., it's past supper time and I'm ready to eat. Darn it!...more

Moving In

When the time comes for your loved one to move out of their home and into a place where adequate care can take place, there are many questions to consider. As our loved ones age; disabilities, illnesses and other problems arise that present the dilemma of where to move them. In this time of economic uncertainty many caregivers are having their loved one move in with them. Before this can be done, it’s important to think carefully about living arrangements and how they will affect your daily life and family....more

Wayback Machine - Finding Community

Back in September of last year, after selling our house in Victoria, my husband and I flew to Windsor for a one-week whirlwind house-buying adventure in our soon-to-be new city. During the days that followed the accepted offer on what was to become our next home, we were tasked with several responsibilities which included arranging for home insurance. After a couple of false starts I was able to find a local agent who was associated with our existing insurance provider, and we headed over to his office to make the necessary arrangements. ...more

A little background...

A little background... about me, my life, and why I started this blog. I have been a financial advisor for a little over a year now. I started in Reno, NV, and received the opportunity to move to St Louis to work out of our Headquarters for six months. I jumped at the opportunity and was able to get my life packed up in 10 days and move! I promised myself I would focus solely on learning as much as I could in six months... this means no dating, no boys, nothing!...more

Wayback Machine - On the Job Front

Now that I've given some background details (here, here, here, and ...more

Wayback Machine - Part 4 (conclusion)

Continuing on from Wayback Machine - Part 1, Backgrounder: Ready for a change (Part 1), Wayback Machine - Part 2, and Wayback Machine - Par ...more

Wayback Machine - Part 3

Continuing on from Wayback Machine - Part 1, Backgrounder: Ready for a change (Part 1), and Wayback Machine - Part 2, Backgrounder: Ready for a change (Part 2), the following outlines additional details as to how and why we ended up moving to Windsor, Ontario almost a ...more

fear is a survivor

In Vancouver I’m surrounded by people living with less. By choice and circumstance. A handful quit their jobs to pursue what they love, and some days teeter on broke, but they seem alive with passion, possibility and fight.Continue reading......more

57-year-old Plays Ostrich

Our property has been on the market for three years, a high end ranch that went on sale at the low end of the economy. But we are not brainstorming where we’ll live when it sells. It’s not like I’m hiding from the fact that I will one day have to live somewhere else. The opposite is true. After all, my signature is on the broker contract, which I’ve re-signed annually. I’ve received accepted wisdom from said broker by both email and phone, advising we consider lowering our asking price. I’ve even sat calmly across from my husband, discussing new price points....more