The Mozart Effect and How It Affects Us Moms

We've all heard of the studies about the so-called Mozart Effect -- a temporary increase in intelligence experienced after listening to a piano sonata written by the famed composer -- which was first reported by researchers at UC Irvine, my alma mater, in the late 1990's.  We moms just can't ignore such findings.  My baby is going to be a genius, for only $19.98 plus tax!  I jumped on the bandwagon along with every other mom and got my very own copy of "Baby Einstein" DVD....more

Music as a Vehicle Toward Brokenness or Wholeness

Music was one of the few pathways to self-esteem I had as a child. There was not much positive reinforcement in my home and luckily I inherited some musical talent. I did my parents proud when I performed and won state-wide contests. But the value of music is better understood by me now than it was then. Music is brain exercise! Everyone has heard of the "Mozart Effect" when it comes to music and accelerated learning. And all one has to do is Google "Music Therapy" to see the efficacy of music on all matter of psychological disorders. But I want to address the value of music as a vehicle. ...more