How to Survive a Breast MRI

I have had several people ask me about how to get through having a breast MRI done, so here are my suggestions on how to prepare for one. I’m really claustrophobic, so you can imagine my concern when the MRI technician told me that the procedure takes 45 minutes. (Yup, that’s how long it takes to do both breasts.) Here are my recommendations on how to get through it without hyperventilating and having a nervous breakdown. ...more
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Tunnel Vision

You know you have had a really bad day when you are strapped into an MRI tunnel and that is the best part of your day.  I pushed the worry of wearing eye shadow with metal flecks, becoming spontaneously claustrophobic, and enduring a very long needle inserting dye into my hip socket to the side and welcomed the chance to be in a loud dark tunnel where nobody could find me to bring their latest challenge to my attention, or tell me how I had come short of their expectations.  The loud noise was akin to a jack hammer breaking concrete, not too unlike the constant construction that t...more

Shrinking brain may offer 10-year warning sign of Alzheimer's

It sounds like bad news, but it may actually be good when it comes to developing treatments for Alzheimer's.Brain researchers have discovered that people who developed Alzheimer's had "brain shrinkage" starting about 10 years earlier.In the study, they followed 65 people for about 9 years. The 15 people who developed Alzheimer's after 9 years had the greatest cerebral cortex shrinkage. In addition, those 15 people were three times more likely to develop dementia.The study used MRIs to measure the areas of the cerebral cortex....more

And yet another mom fail moment...

Levi's second MRI to check on his shunt was set for today....more

I probably would have done the same darn thing. I know that doesn't make it easier, but that ...more

Two Autism Studies Open the Door to More Questions

Two recent autism-focused studies have generated both discussion and hope: one on early autism diagnosis using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, and the other on mitochondrial function in people with autism. The first study used imaging to detect differences in the brains of autistic males compared to non-autistic males, while the second identified differences in mitochondrial function between autistic and non-autistic children. Both open doors to more research and to intriguing possibilities for diagnosis and therapies, but neither resolves the question of whether these differences exist because of autism, or whether autism exists because of these differences. ...more

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After A MRI, Don’t Forget Your Bra

I had to get a MRI today and it was quite an experience. The funny part was, I almost left without an important part of my clothing – my bra. That was the only item I had to take off. Of course that was after the technician used one of those airport metal detector wands all over me, in full view of everyone in the waiting room. Though I remembered to leave my wedding band and watch at home, I wasn’t thinking about wearing a bra with an underwire in it when I left the house....more
Even if you wear a regular bra, you may be asked to take it off (like i was today) because of ...more

Well Excuse me!!

I had an MRI yesterday, it took over an hour and required me to be in agony the entire time. I came out of this in tears, shaking and hurting so bad I wanted to scream. I just wanted to go home, take pain meds, eat a salad and wait for the pain to leave my tortured joints. What do I get when I tell people I cannot sit on camera with them? Sympathy, concern? No...I get whining and the ever popular 'Oh poor me' crap. *SCREAM* Since when am I to forgo my own needs just to pander to a single person?!   ...more

Thursday Morning

Good morning sister's Thursday (AKA Thor's day) and I have an MRI this afternoon. *SCREAM* I hate MRIs wirth a passion, I hate feeling like a piece of bologna in a steel plate sandwich. (Yes ladies I am claustrophobic) I have to have all my jewelry off, partial dentures out and I feel very naked that way. My teeth keep me from looking like a refugee from a boxing ring and my necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets keep me from feeling exposed...if that makes any sense at all. ...more