Social Media Matters

This evening I was planning to go running with the Dashing Whippets, and do a fun (well, I guess that's a relative term) training workout involving intervals and lactate threshold and all that good stuff.  I got my running clothes on, filled my water bottle, and headed out to the bus stop...and the bus didn't come....more

If You Take a Picture of Me Eating on the Subway, I Will Punch You In The Face.

Check this shit out: Train Pigs.Sometimes, I wait too long to eat. It's a little compulsive and unhealthy. But, it usually means, if I buy food, I need to it immediately. Sometimes, that happens on the subway. And, I assure you, every single time, I will not want you to take a picture of me. So, if I catch you, I will punch you in the fucking face....more

MTA's Helena Williams Moves Eight Million People a Day, Cooks Sunday Pasta

Very little media fanfare greeted the May appointment of Helena Williams as interim CEO of New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority, which moves millions of people a day on dozens of interlocking transit systems. At WVFC, though, we knew there had to be something special about a 53-year-old woman who just adds such a gig to her then-current job running the Long Island Rail Road. We dispatched our correspondent Diane Vacca, who asked Williams about public transportation, women with power, work-family balance and how it feels to be the Top Urban Multi-Tasker. — Ed. ...more