Why the 2015 VMA’s Were the Absolute Worst Ever

 Still trying to wrap my mind around everything I saw last night on the #VMAs.— Princess Gabbara (@PrincessGabbara) August 31, 2015...more

MTV Video Music Awards Inspired Cocktails

I’m not sure what could top last year’s rowdy performance from Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards – but I’m excited to find out.Next Sunday, I’ll be watching while sipping specialty drinks for each song that’s nominated for Video of the Year, thanks to the models-turned-mixologists who helped me create the perfect do-it-yourself recipe for each themed cocktail....more

Miley Cyrus on MTV Video Music Awards – The Video and My Opinion

So I did not watch the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards last night – but I now have my DVR set to record it so I can see all of it (and forward past what I don’t want to watch). What I heard so much of this morning was Miley Cyrus’ performance on the show so I had to find video of it and see what the fuss is about....more

How MTV Led Me to Tulsa, Oklahoma

I was one of those savagely underprivileged children who did not have cable growing up. Thankfully, I had grandparents who did, and it was at their house where I would gorge myself on Nickelodeon shows like "Mr....more

MTV Without the Music is Just TV, Right? Wrong.

Oh, MTV. MTV, MTV, MTV.I’m tempted to start out saying that I’m sad MTV isn’t what it used to be and that I miss the videos. However, there are three problems with that. Look at me, getting all three-point thesisy over here. Putting that MA to work once again....more

MTV Introduces Generation Cryo

MTV Networks is at it again with their provocative original series. The network that hasn't had the best TV ratings nationwide, is struggling to keep viewers glued to their original programming and with a younger demographic, keeping the attention of "tweens," is proving to be difficult for the once mega network. In an effort to capture more of an audience, the network has just announced their plans to move forward with a new original series, Generation Cryo. The new unscripted series will follow a 17 year old girl who was conceived via a sperm donor....more

Going To The VMAs: A Night In The Life of Hollywood Housewife

Every year when the MTV Video Music Awards roll around, I get excited to go. And every year, my husband groans and rolls his eyes. It's true, we're decades beyond the target demographic for the VMAs, and we never know all the performing or nominated musical acts.  But it's a fun evening, with great people watching, so we make it almost every year.  My husband produces multiple television shows for MTV, and we usually have decent seats....more

the man in the truck

Blog Directory i got sick of all these websites online that wanted women to comment about their hair or about celebrities like steven spielberg's wife or tom hank's wife. i pushed my computer away and thought to myself how i felt my most comfortable when i was around other people, listening to them talk, but doing stuff on my own. i always tensed up around people, needed to perform, asked myself why i didn't do things like them, even though when i got away from them was glad....more

Heh, Heh Eh Heh. Beavis & Butthead Are Back.

Heh, heh heh, heh.Uh, huh uh huh....more
I absolutely loved the first show & I'm running behind on watching the second. Grandma JWOWW? ...more

LFL is Not a Sport! It Is Glorified Sexuality

I think I may have just thrown up a little! I was clicking through the channels and saw an advertisement for this - LFL.  Go ahead, click on it.  I'll wait. OK - you back now.  You see why I'm a little unnerved?  This is programming on MTV!  This is what we want our teenagers watching. ...more
@CroMom I think that if parents don't like it, they shouldn't let their children watch it. It's ...more