Reality of Life

Once again, I am reminded that we are raising a generation of whiners.  On the news today, they are talking about the complaints coming from recent SAT-takers that a question was not appropriate or fair or something like that.  Apparently, there was a question on the SAT asking respondents to write about whether or not reality television is "harmful".  The examinees' beef is that they could not eloquently respond to this question because they are too busy studying for their exams, the highly motivated scholars that they are, to have time for watching reality TV....more

Oh No! I Think I'm Jealous of Snooki!!

 Heaven help me: Snooki’s winning.  ...more

The Reality of Reality Or Does the Train Ever Meet the Twain?

The Reality of Reality or Does the Train Ever Meet the Twain? I am a big fan of Two and a Half Men partly because the show makes me laugh so hard and partly because I wrote an episode of it for a Writers Guild Diversity project.  And when you are writing a show, you start living the characters, and let me tell you, a part of me did live a little as Charlie Harper (which I don’t think Charlie Sheen can blame for his problems). ...more

Five Reasons Why “16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom” Should Be Taken Off the Air--Editorial

From The general view of the MTV shows "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" is that they are train wreck television in all its tacky, dramatic and salacious glory. MTV said it wants to show the gritty reality of teen pregnancy, and that these shows serve as a warning to other young teens. Television shows need to be watchable, and garner enough interest to bring viewers back every week....more

Skins - "The Most Dangerous Show For Children..."

It’s apparent the folks over at MTV are going to keep testing the boundaries of their contentious programming. They’ve enjoyed virtually no consequences by walking the fence of inappropriate teenage content, and have been successful at luring desperate advertises wanting to target this particular demographic ....more

The MTV show "Skins" has been canceled!

Though this is a victory for all concerned with ...more

Pop Culture Potpourri — 1/18/2011

Hey! Good afternoon my dear lil readers. How’s everyone this soggy Tuesday evening? I’m back with day 2 of Pop Culture Potpourri. I promise today’s missive won’t be anywhere near as preachy or sanctimonious as yesterday’s....more

Is MTV Making Teen Pregnancy Worse With "Teen Mom?"

Where do I even start with this? What are MTV executives thinking? Where is the line when it comes to reality TV? Why was the MTV camera crew not named as accessories to the felony domestic abuse they witnessed and did nothing to stop? Where does MTV's responsibility begin when it comes to the lives of these children? And by children, I don't mean the babies. I mean the teen moms themselves, who are being blatantly exploited by MTV. There, I said it. ...more
I loved reading this article. Every thing you wrote was exactly how I felt about the show. Even ...more

Which Gleeker Does Britney Kiss in Her Glee Episode?

You know what’s hard?  Trying to figure out how Britney Spears is going to be featured in the upcoming Glee special episode based on a few lousy, teasing Tweets -- and most importantly, which Glee star gets a famed Britney chick kiss.  That’s what’s hard. ...more

I'm not sure how racy this Britney Glee episode is gonna get. I imagine it will be a bit of a ...more

MTV's Teen Mom Falls Short, Bloggers Step Up

Newsflash: television doesn’t properly depict the life of a teen mom. I know, shocking, right? If you’ve watched any reality television, you’re aware that episodes only give us a glimpse into the heavily edited “real” reality. Teen Mom, a spin-off of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant follows original “cast member” moms through their babies’ first year. It’s kind of train-wreck-y, kind of interesting and a world away from most young moms’ experiences with parenting. ...more
@Miranda @ Keeper of the Cheerios Excellent point Miranda as a teen mom myself I completely ...more

Raising Kids on the Heels of the MTV Reality Generation

My arms are covered in bruises from blown IVs.  My back hurts from too much time in bed.  My brain is slight mush from hours of dehydration and television. One by one, our family was taken down by Norovirus.  It wasn’t pretty.  My hands and forearms are red and swollen from bleach burns.  Don’t get Norovirus, kids. I have been a mom for five and a half years now and I’m still surprised when I discover that we don’t get sick days.  There should really be a stunt mom we can call in. But that’s the job.  No amount of “I’m sicker than all of you!” gets us out of it. As the bleach-filled days swirled around me, I spent a lot of time thinking about this parenting gig.  Right up until I was carted off to the hospital, I was amazed at my ability to hang onto just enough consciousness to take care of our two boys and baby girl. You just find the strength.  Regardless of circumstances, you do the job.  You train your focus on your children.  You don’t drop the ball. Or at least I don’t.  You don’t.  But some parents do. MTV reminded me of that during this fiasco. I ingested hours of MTV reality programming while I recovered.  Curiously, as VH1 seems to be moving into more dumbed-down territory, MTV is growing up.  It’s subtle, but it’s there. ...more