Beyonce Gives Taylor Swift Back Her Moment on the MTV VMAs

Last night, a bright, beautiful, black woman took the stage in New York and won the hearts and minds of an audience by being extremely classy. No, I'm not talking about Serena Williams--though she too was at the MTV Video Music Awards.  I'm talking about Beyonce, she of "All the single ladies, all the single ladies...." fame. ...more

I would have slapped Kanye West if I was on the stage. What he did was really insulting to a ...more

New Multi-Cultural Educational/Entertainment show begins airing Sept. 5

Hey all you Music lovers out there! What do The Jazz Crusaders, India.Arie, Wyclef Jean, Amy Grant, CECE Winans, Roberta Flack, Donnie McClurkin and Jon Secada have in common? They are all performing, showing their videos, interviewing and/or appearing on the all new multi-cultural music television show, Yhur Music TV  (not spelled Your Music TV, its spelled YHUR Music TV) coming your way this season! ...more

Dominant Man

Propensity for Submission                                           ...more

On Hating MTV's "The Hills" (and loving it!)

I absolutely can't stand MTV's series "The Hills." So why can't I stop watching it? ...more

I'm glad someone has the nerve to come out and say she hates and loves The Hills. I watch it ...more

The Adoption Chiasm

There is a literary term called a chiasm, often seen in Biblical texts, but also utilized by everyone from the Bard to JK Rowling. It is, simply put, an inversion of the story. For example, in the first line, the door opens; in the last line it closes. In the second line, the person sees their sister; and in the second to last line, they lose their sister. There is always a turning point in the middle. ...more

Picking Up What Juno Missed: MTV's True Life Adoption Episode

Watching Juno was sort of like eating potato chips in lieu of lunch. It started out enjoyable enough, but I felt unsatisfied and ragged by the time I left the theater. Almost as if I had been served a meal with no nutrition. I have higher hopes for the MTV True Life documentary airing this Saturday (March 21st). ...more

All of the past episodes are uploaded on the MTV website now.  As far as I know, only ...more

New MTV Series "How's Your News?" Rises Above

MTV, "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and people with disabilities. These are not things one would naturally associate, to say the least. So could any project uniting those disparate forces result in anything other than epic disaster of the angry-mob-with-torches-producing variety, you might wonder? Surprising as it may sound, and against all logic, reason, and odds, yes. Yes it could. ...more

As an ongoing advocate for people with disabilities, I think this series has huge potential. ...more

JenWhy - The Pilot Blog

Generation X: Approximately, those born between 1964-1981.MTV Generation: Approximately, those born between 1975-1985. Also known as the XY Cusp.Generation Y: Approximately, those born between 1980-1994. It seems like every few months I run across a newspaper or magazine article, or see/hear a news/radio broadcast that explores one of two things.1) Gen X/MTV/Y is going to save the world. ...more

I like your description.

Terry Elisabeth ...more