I Just Love Spring, But Then......

 I Just Love Spring, But Then…. ...more

It's MY fault being an adult sucks

So many of us, as adults, tell our kids that they'd better stop wishing they could be big, because being adult is no fun.Whose fault is that?...more

Hey Y'all...Watch This!!

My son Matthew has never been one to sit back and let life pass him by. He has always been busy doing something…being the Captain of the high school ice hockey team, or when he went through his skateboarding phase, or when he learned to play the guitar (“Hey mom, have you ever heard of a band called Pink Floyd?”) or whatever, he’s always stayed busy…and there’s usually a pretty good story to go along with it.So one day when he brought some clothes home that desperately needed to be washed or just thrown away, I knew there would be a pretty funny explanation....more

The Main Characters

Wordless Wednesday - Mud Auction

Anne KimballBringing Borya HomePassed by an auction on the way home from Lancaster last w/e, and decided to have a look-see.  Round here, these firehouse auctions in the spring are known as "Mud Auctions".  There's a reason for that....more

Country Babies

I  love it when life reminds me - oh, that's why I left London and glamor and city and shopping and moved to the far side of nowhere. Yesterday, we had family friends over. Four of their eight children playing with our four. We sat at the firepit (seating courtesy of a HUGE tree taken out by a storm that sawed in half, makes wonderful benches, not available in urban locale). We roasted marshmallows on sticks the kids gathered from our woods....more

Give a Dog a Bone

It all began on a wet and muddy Spring day, when Bojangles was given a bone.  Now, this wasn't just any old bone, (as Bojangles instinctively knew) this was a fresh, raw, meaty bone that needed extra special attention.   Being the thoughtful, clever doggie that he is, Bojangles didn't settle in to clean off his bone as most normal dogs would.   No... Bojangles knew this bone had to be preserved and savoured.  It had to be aged, and soiled, and become rank with that oh-so-wonderful scent that dogs love.   So......more

I have a new policy firmly in place - No More Bones! Squeeky toys are much more house (and bare ...more

Making mountains out of mud puddles

One of the biggest perks of living in Mulletville Lite is that the park and playground are within walking distance—assuming, of course, that you want to walk. Today I did; Junior did not. Halfway there I had to piggyback him—uphill—while pushing the stroller. I now have a kink in my small intestine. But we made it. It has rained all week and I'd assumed the playground would be dry. It was, except for a few deep puddles under the slides. ...more


The toys and clothes are put away, the bedspread and blankets back on the bed.  The dishwasher and dryer are humming, the garbage taken out.  The soup is gone, the coffee drunk, the bread dunked....more