Luck O'the Irish Muffin Tin Meal

This weekend, my little Monkey had his first play date. He invited a buddy from his preschool class over for lunch and to play for the afternoon. He was so, crazy excited about it! The first thing he said when I got up Sunday morning was that he couldn’t wait for his friend to come over!With such excitement, I figured I would add some extra fun and make a muffin tin lunch for the boys. Since it’s almost St. Patty’s Day, what better than a land of the green themed lunch? Here’s our luck o’ the Irish muffin tin lunch:...more

Valentine's Day Muffin Tin Meal

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a muffin tin. I figured since we’re creeping up on Valentine’s Day this week, I’d post a Valentine’s day muffin tin meal. You can see last year’s Valentine’s muffin tin here. ...more

Eats // Yummy Breakfast Bites To Go


Christmas Tree Muffin Tin

So the boys asked me for a muffin tin meal this weekend. How could I turn down a request for that? :) Roo said he wanted a Christmas theme, so I peeked in the fridge and went to work. This one is not really very elaborate, but the boys loved the Christmas tree muffin tin!...more

Fall Muffin Tins

I made a fall themed muffin tin this weekend. I have to admit, part of why I made it was because I had these super cute little leaf shaped min-cookie cutters. They are too cute not to use! We had some horrible storms moving through Sunday and I didn't make it to the store until late in the day, so our muffin tin meal was thrown together with what we already had in the house. Here is our fall muffin tin:...more

Return of the Muffin Tin

I haven’t done a Muffin Tin Post in what feels like forever. The site I used to link up with hasn’t been hosting the link up, so I have been slowly losing my motivation. But I miss the creativity involved with it, and my kids miss the fun. So this weekend, I didn’t do anything elaborate, but I pulled the muffin tins and made a start! Hopefully there will be more muffin tin fun to come!...more

First Day of School!

Today was Miss Girl's first day of fourth grade! It came so fast!!She needed a good breakfast this morning, so this is what she got:...more