Four Banana Muffins

Cristina“Oatmeal raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues” – Ancient Internet Proverb...more

Strawberry Muffins

Super moist, light and delicious muffin, without butter. Super easy to make, no mixer needed. Perfect for breakfast and tea time!...more

Babies and Brunch

Wake Me Up Lemon and Blueberry Muffins...more

Semi-Sweet Banana Oat Muffins

Mini banana nutella muffins muffins are a great snack to have on hand, especially when they are only 1 point and as delicious as these nutella banana ones! They are certainly not shy on size and make for a great afternoon treat....more

Perfect Springtime Muffin: Sweet Cream Strawberry

Perfectly suited for Springtime, a sweet muffin with strawberries! Recipe at

Lemon and Raspberry Ricotta Muffins

If you missed it, our most recent post was all about cookbooks that we’re drooling over. They’re all cookbooks that would be a stellar addition to anyone’s collection. Be sure to check them out because you may be inspired, like I was, to rummage through your own assortment of cookbooks....more

Savoury Cheddar Onion Muffins

 Savoury Cheddar Onion MuffinsSavoury Cheddar Onion Muffins are a great bread alternative to accompany soups and salads.  Also great for an "anytime" snack .... especially with herbed butter. Ingredients:...more

Mini breakfast muffins little bite size muffins make a great grab and go breakfast or a “pick me up” afternoon snack. They are packed with oats, nuts, seeds and raisins. The best part is they are only 1 point each… of coarse they are, you know me, I don’t make mini muffins that are any more in points than that! Recipe yields 36 mini muffins but you can make 12 larger ones at 3pp each if you’d like....more

Pumpkin Cheese Muffins

When we think pumpkin, we think fall. This week's Monday Muffins are delicious enough to eat year-round. My family does. Pumpkin is a superfood. Packed full of nutrients so we should try to eat it more often. When using canned pumpkin, use 100% pure, NOT pumpkin pie filling. The cream cheese makes these moist and full of flavor. Add the glaze and you have one fabulous muffin!...more