3 Simple Hacks to Simplify Your Life and Get More Done Each Day

I am OC – organizationally challenged. I didn’t used to be. When I practiced law, I was extremely organized. Or course I had a assistance from support people who kept me on track and managed calendars and files.When I was actively homeschooling 4 kids and writing lots of books, I was very strictly organized. That had it’s pluses and minuses. Everything got done, but it didn’t always get done with grace and joy....more

Dear Jane

Dear Jane McGonigal: Thank you so much! Because of you, the coolest thing happened. See, I was going through a horrible, harried season in my life where chores, activities, and expectations, as they whirled around me like I was their bazillion-degree sun, pressed burlap bags of poky asteroid shards against every part of me. ...more

The Zen Of Small Tasks

We live in a world where multitasking is lauded and encouraged. But aren’t we missing something here? The more things you do at the same time, the less you are able to do all of them WELL. Technology has created a general distractedness among all of us. We are never doing just one thing at a time. If you are not doing something with 100% of your focus, then you are usually not doing something 100% right. Something always seems to get lost. Maybe technology can do something 100% right all the time, but the human brain isn’t capable of it, especially when our focus is all over the place....more


Dr. Oz calls them N.U.T.S. They’re the “nagging, unfinished tasks” the nibble at the edge of our consciousness, interfere with our thought processes, and chisel away at our creativity. They’re the racing thoughts that keep us awake at night, and dog us throughout our busy day. Our thoughts scramble with endless to-do lists and we can’t focus on any one thing.Shrinks call them “intrusive thoughts,” and we’re all prone to them. I think that writers are especially vulnerable to NUTS because there is something intrinsically “unfinished” about the work of a novelist....more
 @kelly.mcclymer  You've got a lot going on, Kelly, but luckily, you are an amazing ...more

Two-Legged Creature of Habit...Foodie Work!

Those of you that have followed Feed Yard Foodie from its inception might remember a very early post entitled: Creatures of Habit: Two legged and four legged. http://feedyardfoodie.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/creatures-of-habit%E2%80%A6two-legged-and-four-legged/…  In that post, I talked about the fact that I am a creature of habit and so are my cattle. ...more

One Thing at a Time

by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com It's a blessing and curse, truthfully.  Anyone with this condition can surely relate. The ability to do more than one thing at once is fabulous when you're cooking, taking a business call and watching kids in the backyard.  I used to revel in the joy of being able to lift my own personal "multi-tasking" bar, performing stunts that I would sometimes even marvel at. ...more

Trying to do too much

Baby girl, Evie, isn't even six weeks old yet.  We reach that milestone this coming Sunday.  ...more

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

The other day, at work, I was meeting with a vendor who over time has become more of a friend to me.  As we worked, we started chatting about multi-tasking, smart phones, and how we are both constantly connected....more

I always wanted a party line... I would have gotten myself in such trouble. Knowing me, I would ...more

Putting the Crock in Betty Crocker

Sweet baby Jesus, I was busy in the kitchen yesterday. It was cooking gone ADD. ...more

Why I Failed the Post a Week Challenge

I haven’t blogged a word in two weeks. I’m sure many of you are aghast. How could I? I signed up for the Postaweek 2011 challenge. The gauntlet thrown down by WordPress to keep the fires of blogging going. I was true to my word. I posted faithfully for two and one half months. At one time, I even had three blog writings going at once. I was editing daily and readying them for posting when each week rolled around....more

I hadn't read any of her work, but on your suggestion looked her up and will be starting. I see ...more