Sochi 2014's Opening Ceremony has been a fantastic Cultural Lesson, in spite of all the bad press...

My kids and I loved watching the opening ceremony for the Sochi 2014's Winter Olympics. I had told them in the afternoon that we were going to watch this together at night, and they were excited but did not know what to expect. They had no idea what the Olympics were, so we started by going back to Greece and talking about Mount Olympus: home of the twelve Olympian Gods of the ancient Greek word. That story already was better than any Sonic video-game....more

Intermarriage and the Price of Skirt Steak

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Give Kids the World With Multicultural Gifts

It's Christmas all over the world, as the song says, not to mention Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St. Lucia Day, Boxing Day, and Winter Solstice, to name just a few of the year-end milestone days in myriad cultures and faith traditions. While not all of these celebrations come with gifts as a primary component, several do, and especially as families and communities mesh more and more, the desire to recognize a loved one or a peer with a token of appreciation in December is certainly real and often practiced....more
I love that you are covering this!! Teaching our kids on how to be better global citizens ...more

Being the White Mother of Bi-Racial Children

Being an inter-cultural, bi-racial or multi-anything parent is kind of like standing on platform 9 3/4.Everyone else is going by, jumping on trains, engrossed in their coherent lives, shielded by their own communities, realities and conflicts. People who don't live on the border don't know it's there....more
I am with you. I am a mom of what our world calls biracial children. Ever since I was a child I ...more

World Weddings: Send Us Your Best Posts!

Wedding season is in full swing! What does that mean to you? Something borrowed, something blue? Jumping the broom? A white dress… or a red sari? But traditions familiar to in one heritage may sometimes be baffling to others. Why do older guests leave right after dinner is served at a Korean wedding reception? What is the proper way to dance at an Indian wedding?...more

I bet your story is more interesting than you think!

And I love that you have been married ...more


The discussion about multilingualism may come and go in the mainstream media, but it is a continuous hot topic among immigrants. ...more