Wake Up, Dear, You Were Just Having an American Dream

Shout out today to new bloggers Laura and Bob of The Two Who Wander.  I am so glad I happened to run across their little corner of the blogosphere.  They are recent retirees who have invited us to share this new chapter in their lives and to tag along on their adventures across the USA....more

Christmas Parol

Cross-posted from Living Off Script: Christmas Parol -- originally posted 12/12/12...more

An Unusual Thanksgiving?

Cross-Post: An Unusual Thanksgiving? -- yes and no...more

Inarticulate Garbling

I went for my first run in six months on Saturday morning.  I started grinning about half a block from home, kept on grinning through about three and a half kilometres of pounding feet and aching chest, and then felt the tears come when I caught sight of home.  My body was ready to be finished (and it would punish me mercilessly in the following days).  But me?  Some part of me is still out there.  Rocking out to Jay-Z and Kanye's Otis and freaking out my neighbours.......more
 @DesiValentine4  They do have away of making tears well up when we least expect it! I love the ...more

Sweet Om America: A Multimedia Tale of the Immigrant Dream-- Episode 1

Episode 1: The Catcher in the Guidance OfficeDr. Mala SinghIt all begins when Alina’s father fails to get tenure at his university. SweetOmAmerica.com : Tales of the Immigrant Dream...more

An All American Muslim Reaction to TLC's "All American Muslim"

TLC’s All American Muslim, a new eight-part series about American Muslims living in Dearborn, Michigan, debuts November 13 at 10p.m. ET and it is so much more than just another reality TV show....more
@Faiqa I sometimes wish Christians were NOT the dominant group in the United States. I think ...more

How My Father Spoon-fed Me Multiculturalism

My dad enjoys food of all kinds, and as a result, many of our family gatherings involve eating out. People often comment, “Your father must know a lot of good Chinese restaurants.” Yes, he knows a lot of good restaurants – and not just Chinese. ...more

I love this. I love fathers. Their lessons may not be as obvious as a mothers but they are ...more

White Girls Eat Hot Dogs

One of my best friends in elementary school was from Hong Kong. Her family had moved to Canada when she was 3 years old, so she had a little bit of an accent, but her English was great. Her mother, on the other hand, did not speak English....more


Is multiculturalism dead ck out  www.peytonspaces.com for specifics...more