Thoughts and Worries on Being Pregnant Again

I recently just found out that I'm pregnant again. We were trying, so it isn't something that comes as a shock to me. Honestly, I'm a bit shocked that it took as long as it did, seeing as how we did the deed a few times a day over the last few months. That's not really what my concern is. Or what's been racing through my mind. ...more

These are my GOOD sweat pants!

A few years ago I made a bold move and left a fantastic position with a good company that gave me the opportunity to become friends with some amazing people in agriculture! A new venture was in store... little did I know how much things would actually change!Just a few years later I'm a "mostly stay-at-home-mom." It sounds funny because we don't always find ourselves "at home." But in any case, away went my business suits, corporate dresses, snappy outfits and shoes into storage tubs. Out came my "play on the floor with the babies" clothes. ...more

Job vs. Lifestyle
BabyAandMamaJ thank you!!more

Party Of Five

When I found out we were going to be a family of five, I just knew I would be viewed as ghetto when people saw three toddler boys trailing behind me as we traveled throughout our city. Maybe it’s because I was raised in the hood and the stereotype was “if you see a young woman with more than two babies you assume she is trying to beat the system and force tax payers to take care of her children.”...more

Night times with Twins

I can barely remember the first few months of being a new mama to twins. I know I was really tired and that my bundles of joy were waking up once, twice and more a night. Not always together either. So how did I survive these first few months of horrible sleep deprivation? Well, we had a game plan where each night me and my husband planned for the worse-case scenario. It didn't help us get more sleep (not right then anyway!) but it helped keep our sanity relatively in check so I thought I share my tips.Sleeping...more