On Being Multiracial

  A question that has always been asked of me since the dawn of my time has been "What are you?" This seemingly innocuous question evokes a wide range of emotions for me that has evolved over the years....more

"All of the Above": My Guest Blog at (1)neDrop Project

Today was the day that Professor Yaba Blay gave me the opportunity to guest blog at the (1)neDrop Blog.  I am a whole person, not just that half that makes you comfortable....more

Multiracial with blue eyes/blond hair - some think it's impossible

So as I was browsing for some information for my next blog post, and I came across something interesting. I saw a question posted on Yahoo Answers and it stated,"A hapa with blue eyes? Or are they fake (contacts)"...more

Checking the Race Box: Should College Applicants Play All of Their Race Cards?

College applications give students plenty to fret about. The applications’ race and ethnicity questions should be one of the easy sections, just boxes to check. But evidently, they are not. And even though this short portion of all college applications is optional, it is causing applicants, especially multi-racial students, angst and agonizing indecision....more
DNA may offer a more accurate definition.  Example: Mitochondrial DNA results would be the most ...more

Are multi-racial children better adjusted?

 When my daughter Alex was much younger, my family took a quick weekend vacation to Tobago, the neighbouring island to Trinidad, where we lived at the time.  While we were there, we met a young British couple who were also vacationing from England and whose daughters close to Alex's age.  The girls played together in the sand, while we grown-ups sipped fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, and watched them play. "She's lovely," said the wife to me about Alex.  "And you realize, of course, that she's very cool." "I'm sorry?" I responded, confused. "Oh, it's very cool to be mixed-race," she said, blithely.  "It's true.  Back in England all the kids want to be friends with mixed-race kids." ...more

I am a Mom to a bi racial daughter and have recently had a lot of race related questions from ...more

What do you use on her hair?

My Top 10 Hair Care Products.... This question seems to be one that is always at the forefront of not only having biracial children, but having friends who also have biracial or multiracial children...which for us, is just about everyone in our "circle" of friends. That one topic being: what products are you using? So here is my list of my top ten faves.... ...more

  Thanks for the suggestion! I have heard of Miss Jessie's before, but haven't tried it out ...more