Who Can Relate to Hot Moms?

Hot moms, with wrinkle-free foreheads and perky derrieres, are strange and fascinating creatures. They don’t seem to live in the same world as the rest of us. What’s their secret? Pampering oneself into a blissful state of constant beauty looks fun, but all that plucking and waxing must be exhausting....more
We wouldn't enjoy the sunshine without the rain. Or something like that.more

I, Juggler

Plantains are sizzling quite nicely in the pan and won't start browning for about a minute or two. That's just time enough to check on Chairman in the sitting room and set T straight on her next item of homework.A little while later as I flip each oblong-shaped piece over, my mind (and eyes) fleetingly stray to the dishes within arm's length which I had temporarily abandoned in order to start lunch. No worries, I think, I'd finish them off while the plantains are getting thoroughly cooked....more

Face Type

Facebook came to life just as I was entering college.  Our large group of high school friends split up to conquer the world, smiles still connected online.  Years later, when we brush shoulders over the Holidays, catching up on the past couple years can be awkward.  Is it strange if we already knew the gist anyway?  We've seen relationships unfold and fall apart, babies born and grow up, career and travels, possibly without ever exchanging a comment, all because of the internet. ...more

High IQ linked to ability to block out distractions

Do you fancy yourself a genius?If so, (assuming you're correct!), you're likely very good at blocking out distractions.A new study found that very intelligent people have a great filtering system when it comes to visual movement.The study found that people with high IQ could easily and quickly identify small bars going across a screen, but they were the slowest at identifying large bars going across the screen. It's the first non-verbal and culturally unbiased tool to measure intelligence.Here's the summary:...more

Doing Everything All the Time

I spend significant portions of my day stressing--unproductive stressing over things I cannot address at that particular moment.For example, I’ve wanted to update this blog’s email subscription to a new format for months. MONTHS....more

"Infobesity" - How working moms can tame information overload

I ran across this Q&A to Dr. Oz.:http://www.thestar.com/living/food/article/1321197--tips-to-reduce-the-i...A 38-year-old working mom of three is completely overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to juggle everything. She's worried she might already be getting Alzheimer's because she's starting to forget things. I can totally relate! I am 42, work full time and have two small kids....more

Are YOU In Attendance or Just Your Body Double?

When you attend an event, whether it's a conference or dinner with a friend, do you actually show up fully? Or does your body attend without the rest of you (your presence and attention)? Maybe it's just me, but I see more and more empty vessels out there ... Now this may start off like a bit of a rant, but stick with me... ...more
This is so true, and it's everywhere. I see people at concerts or on vacation who are so ...more

Social Media Time Management

A great deal of my work involves using the Web, so it’s not possible for me to unplug entirely. While in New York for BlogHer, I had some work to complete, and I was checking my phone for tweets, emails and texts to meet with people and respond to work-related matters.  Online time was always focused and brief, and I loved it. ...more

the lost art of focus

In our fast-paced, 24/7 world, multitasking is a highly coveted skill. On resumes, we proudly boast of our ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. In daily life, we marvel at our mastery in manuevering across multiple devices. We congratulate ourselves for being multitasking machines--able to do more stuff in less time. Faster. Better. More...but at what price?...more

Work/Marriage/Life Balance - Part Deux!

My husband and I are a relatively young couple – 25 and 26. I take this intrepid step to write these blog posts because I find myself wondering every single day, how do people do it?...more
It sounds like me! I wake up at 4.30am. Cook dinner, get breakfast and lunch ready so at 5:45 ...more