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Fee Charged To Women Who Need To Use The Restroom

Should anyone ever mandate one's personal hygiene? Should any society dictate who can use public restrooms and who shouldn't? If you had to pay to use the restroom because of your gender, what would you do? ...more

India Adventure Begins

What's That You Say, Mrs. Robinson...more

A Year After Mumbai Attacks, Public Scrutiny Exposes Systemic Failures

In the build up to President Obama's first state dinner, news anchors wondered in awe and glee what new surprises --- like the now-immortalized Princess Diana-John Travolta twirl --- the occasion would throw up. Given that their guests were the India Prime Minister and his wife, I didn't expect another dance surprise. ...more

...coming from a Mumbaikar, Nita. Thanks and good to see you here again. I'm a lot like you ...more

H1N1 (swine flu) claims 25 lives in India, panic stretches resources

Updated with new figures ...more

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Splitting hairs over Slumdog

With all the noise surrounding it -- Critic's Choice, Golden Globe, SAG Awards and now the  The Oscar -- it's a bit hard to think clearly about Slumdog Millionaire and how I felt about it when I first saw it about a month ago. ...more

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Glad you enjoyed it, Chris.

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Were "Slumdog" Child Actors Exploited?

Hey Danny - don't treat your Slumdog actors like slum!  -Stephanie Elliot, Are the child actors of Slumdog Millionaire suffering? While Slumdog Millionaire remains a huge hit at the box office, having won four Golden Globes and been nominated for 10 Oscars, two child actors are reportedly not basking in the glory of this Indie film's success. They are Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail, the youngsters who play Latika and Salim as children in the movie. ...more

Shut up or die: Media gags in South Asia

It's not news when an autocracy denies its citizens a free press. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right enjoyed only by democracies and free societies, right? In the last two weeks, two south Asian neighbors, both democracies, saw that right seriously threatened. ...more

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Mumbai attacks: Looking for some character

The three days of excruciating pain that Mumbaikars suffered and survived last month hit home like no other terrorist attack in India, as I watched the horror unfold, safe in my living room 10,000 miles away. I lost a former senior colleague to the Taj Mahal Palace hotel siege. I was saddened, shaken and sobered. The next time, it could be my family or my close friends, in their own homes, in my home country.  ...more

Raj, you are right about the bureaucracy taking more responsibility for their actions. But ...more

Mumbai - and Good vs Evil

Mumbai events continue to stalk me. I have dear friends who have just canceled a trip there. They are American and they are Jewish - two strikes against them as far as terrorist targets go. As I said in my article earlier this week, I have also been having discussions with my friend, Batya, in Israel. I struggle to find the right spiritual response to terrorism. In my tradition, Christianity, we are taught to love those who revile us. This is a tall order. But for me, part of love also is to keep someone from doing further harm. ...more