NO, I am not pregnant! (Mummy Monday)

As a woman who struggled with infertility for years and years, I learned many ways to get around the “When are you guys gonna have kids?” or the “What are you waiting for?” or the “Maybe you’re pregnant!” comments every time I was tired or feeling under the weather.The best way someone ever asked me why I didn’t have kids was by asking “Do you not have a child because you don’t want one, or because you can’t have one?”  This opened the opportunity for discussion rather than putting up my defenses trying to think of the next comeback....more

Fun and Healthy After School Snacks for Kids (Mummy Monday Guest Post)

Children often have lunch much earlier in the day than 12PM. This is due to the overcrowding of many public schools. This means that your children may be famished by the time they get home. Instead of allowing them to munch on junk food, why not prepare a healthy snack? Many of these snacks can be prepared ahead of time so that your children don’t have to wait until you get home. Here are just a few fun and healthy after-school snacks for kids.Fruit Shapes...more

Tag, You're It...

This blog has few followers. I wear my fingers to nubs at this keyboard on a daily basis and I know there's probably just lovely little you, reading this right now, who in fact other than me, has read it at all. Because you're DEAD NICE. And intelligent. And you've got great taste. And you make my heart a little bit excited when I find out you stopped by. So thank you....more

My pregnancy - 10 things I needed to survive!

Looking back, there are some things I would NEVER have got through pregnancy without. Here are my recommendations for what were really essential during my pregnancy....more

Nursery Rhymes For Your Toddler - Incy Wincy Spider

As my baby grows into a child, nursery rhymes are being sung more and more. This is a tale of one nursery rhyme which still makes me smile.Last summer, my toddler was playing in the garden. He wandered, well staggered, toddler style over to the slide and looked amused at something on the top."pider, pider" He exclaimed!...more

Motherhood just should not get in the way of some things

Sometimes it is difficult to get being a Mummy out of your head, this is my guide to things you should NEVER say or do:...more