The Senator's Youngest Daughter By Kelley Rose Waller

"Rip-roaring good suspense..." Suspense Sisters, review by Iola Goulton "Such a page-turner, I finished the entire thing in a 24-hour period."  review by Val GoodAboutSenator A.C....more

Standalone WWII historical fiction novel

Dancing with Air By Uvi Poznansky...more

Female Empowerment and Gender Conflicts in Relationships

Caribbean Author Launches Provocative New Crime Fiction Novel...more

A ship at sea. A heart held captive. Can one man really change his fate?

Young Walter Crofter is desperate to escape his working-class family and its bleak future. After sneaking off and joining the Merchant Marines, Walter sets sail for a new adventure -- and a new destiny. He faces challenges both at sea and on land. There are pirates to fend off, trade routes to establish, and lives to change....more

Happy 4th July to all my Authors and Readers Worldwide

Happy 4th July to all my Authors and Readers Worldwide Reviews and interviews at Book Readers ...more