The Co-op Stargate

First in a series of three.Nothing is more energizing than visiting than a college campus.The hustle bustle of young minds jump starting their neurons into life long learning with so many new experiences is exhilarating. To see so many hopeful faces without the years and mileage of later life means the cycle must be continuing. New dreams are following heartfelt intentions.What a beautiful sight it is to see young people resolute in their innocence and besides.......why should I be the one to tell them?...more
 @widdlewade44 Yes! In bountiful numbers!more

The Muppets Movie - a review

 WARNING:  Contains spoilers!! ...more

The Muppets — A Little Bit of Felt Goes A Long Way

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The Muppets

I went to see the new Muppet movie last night, and I received an unsuspected surprise. After the "coming attractions," we had an honest to goodness cartoon before the movie! It was a Toy Story mini-adventure! Awesome!...more

How To Live Like A Muppet

The new Muppet movie was just released and their marketing has been all over everything from OPI nail polish to Wired magazine for weeks to build hype. It’s been the ridiculous kind of blatant overmarketing that usually drives me nuts....more

Muppets Go Viral: What We Can Learn from Their Social Media Campaign

Everyone wants a post, idea, art, or product to go viral, though there's obviously no true-and-tried formula... right? I mean, yes, create something fantastic that touches people's hearts is a good place to start, but even that doesn't ensure that the world will wake up and notice. Which is why people are studying how to create viral moments, such as the very successful media campaign for the new Muppet movie. ...more
Interesting. I hadn't noticed the campaign so much before this article, but I'm going to go ...more


HE’S ONLY JUST BEGUN by Tracey Jackson ...more

Old Spice Parodies Get Political With "Hello Voters"

Grover on Sesame Street -- "I'm on a cow." The "Will It Blend?" guys -- "I'm in a lab coat." And now Joe Miller of Alaska hops on the Old Spice boat. Is he worthy of being the man your man could vote like? ...more

The Muppets Kitchen: Cooking Now, and With Creepy Human Hands

The Muppets are back! The Muppets Kitchen just launched on, and the four new episodes will either inspire you to get cooking... or to bust out your old VHS tapes to share the old school laughs with your kids. Either way, I’m a fan. ...more
I wonder how long we have to wait to get his show here in NZ!!more

The Muppets Take Social Media

Picture yourself as you are driving in your car. A song by Queen hits the airwaves and you bang along to the beat on the steering wheel ... with your head. You've already guessed the name of that tune in two notes -- Bohemian Rhapsody. And if you've been around since 1992, you've either seen the movie or at least watched the MTV video of Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey in their pivotal roles as Wayne and Garth from the film Wayne's World....more

animal and fozy bear are the BEST! glad to see future generations will continue to enjoy the ...more