Muppets Mayhem and a pig rubber snout

Today's little girls idolize Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Selena Gomez. When I was growing up, my favorite celebrity was not an impossibly talented teenager but Miss Piggy of the Muppets!...more

Muppets Most Wanted -- a brief review

This movie is super cute!  Chock full of cameos, it's frolicking fun reminiscent of the Muppets of my youth.As the evil Kermit doppelganger Constantine escapes a Siberian prison, Kermit blows up at Miss Piggy for planning their wedding when he hasn't even proposed!  So we have a foreshadowed moment here.  Even Ricky Gervais's Dominic Badguy (it's French) was a foreshadowed character.  We all knew that he was up to no good even before he talked to Constantine. ...more

Muppets and Soft Core Porn

Don’t say it’s so!!!The song that pre-schoolers and parents rock out to at the end of the Muppets; the song that recalls images of childhood for millions of viewers was written for soft-core porn....more

Why I Won't Let My Child Watch The Muppets, Toy Story or The Lion King

But "old enough" can be such a relative term. Is an explosion OK? How about if someone punches someone else? What about an innuendo that soars right over his head but that he might decide to quote on the playground later? But that isn't even the real reason I hold off. It's because I love these movies so much, I want the kids to really appreciate what they're seeing. They won't get the Star Wars reference in the second Toy Story until after they've seen Empire, for instance. They wouldn't understand why Uncle Scar was being so mean to Simba in Lion King. If they don't get the movie, they won't like the movie....more
We've always been pretty careful with what our kids watched, but years ago on Christmas Eve, my ...more

The Muppets! Read one drunkard's opinion on Kermit's gal.

My husband makes me laugh with his killer Kermit the Frog impression.  And when my kids rolled on the floor from laughing at this video, The Muppets gained an even more special place in my heart — the kind of special space that’s reserved for Murdock from The A-Team and my dad when he replaces song lyrics with cat meows.I’m excited about the release of The Muppets, in theaters tomorrow!...more