BBC Mural project

 Welcome to my pet art project of the year: The Burnt Bridge creek Mural project at Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary School, Vancouver, WA. I am the sole artist and muralist who executed this mural that was originally concieved by a teacher at the school, and whose theme is "A Legacy of Literacy." I am hoping to raise funding as well as awareness to this valuable public art project. Please visit the non-profit website featuring my project below, and see what all the fuss is about! I am also a parent, and can see the value of having art within the school....more

DIY: Nursery Wall Mural

 Yesterday I finally got around to painting the wall mural in the nursery :) I am kind of in love with birch trees because of their gorgeous white bark and the way they grow so skinny and tall. ...more

I love your wall decor. Great job and painting those trees. I would have taken the easy way ...more

I can paint!

I have a dilemma. I've been told that I can paint murals. I guess that I can, because I've painted 3 so far and will be painting a 4th in the near future. Here's the thing. The first ones I did more as a favor and because I thought it would be fun. I did them where I work (a local YMCA) so I just clocked in as I would if I were working a normal day. The thing is, people are encouraging me to pursue this more as a business and tell me I should charge accordingly. Even the director of the YMCA is telling me that. So my dilemma is figuring out how much to charge. ...more

Returning to the Web Design World isn't easy

I was a successful web designer at the site at the Houston Chronicle in Houston Texas only nine years ago. I had all these really great multimedia sites to design and enjoyed the people I worked with. I got to work on the tenth floor and sat next to a huge window. It was the second greatest office I have had. I chose to become a freelance designer once again and did work when it was feasible, with two boys one ear apart. ...more

The two boys are a Year apart.more