Waif-Fu is Bull-Shit

I was in martial arts training for several years. I loved learning the “forms” but I hated sparring....more
I mean... we're talking about sci-fi here, right?  Sure, a NORMAL 90 ilb person (regardless of ...more

An Apple a Day Will Keep the Flab Away!

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of eating whole apples to support your muscles.  When most people think about building or maintaining muscles, the emphasis is always on protein.  Now don’t get me wrong, protein is essential for muscle build and growth but don’t get fixated on everything protein.  As we age (yea unfortunately), we lose muscle.  That is a huge reason why, as we get older, we need to incorporate weight training into our regime.  Weight training is essential to prevent certain body parts fr...more
 @FatCat Yes, I eat an apple a day.  They are really good!more