Learn the Facts about Muscle vs Fat

 Did you know muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does?Did you know muscle takes less place than fat does because it is more dense?Did you know that doing too much cardio will lead to water and muscle tissue loss, resulting in a decreased metabolism ?Did you know weight training helps build muscle, resulting in a metabolism boost ?...more

Why I Broke Up With My Scale

I had put a scale on my registry for my wedding, thinking that I wanted it. It came in a box with a bow from my sister-in-law, and I was even enthusiastic about it at the time. That is, I was, until I started using it. The relationship between me and my new scale quickly became a love/hate one. I found that we were constantly fighting with one another... "no!" I would shout, "That is NOT my weight!" To which it replied, "yes, it most certainly is." ...more