When I made the conscious choice to become a part-time vegetarian I thought, "What am I going to eat?".  My diet was meat heavy (about one serving of meat per meal) but I knew if I slowly weaned myself off it, it would encourage my family and I to eat more greens and more importantly, eat in a way to support a sustainable earth.  As I started to research vegetarian recipes, I realized the idea is not so scary after all. After committing to this goal for more than a year, I haven't looked back, I feel healthier and cleaner....more

Creamy mushroom penne with thyme crusted tofu

This post first appeared on Spice Box of Earth blog. ...more

Creamy Mushroom-Only Stroganoff

Creamy Multiple Mushroom Soup {Update}

Creamy Multiple Mushroom SoupFresh and dried mushrooms are used to make this Creamy Multiple Mushroom Soup. Thick, rich and earthy, perfect as an appetizer or main dish paired with some great bread....more

Mushroom and Chickpea Ragout

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 3

Day 3: When I take my camera out for a day of shooting, I try to find the unusual shot or angle. Sure, I'll take a picture of a famous landmark, but I'll always try to find a new angle or frame for it... but I also look for photos in the minutiae... like this small mushroom jutting out of the moss... while everyone else was looking up, I was looking down, and found a magical little world. ...more

Creamy Multiple Mushroom Soup

 A rich creamy mushroom soup that makes a great lunch or dinner. Serve with nice homemade bread. The addition of multiple mushrooms (fresh and dried) adds earthiness. The cream cheese makes it soooo nice and thick!!Ingredients:...more

Mushroom Bacon Chicken

If you only pick one dinner recipe to make from this blog… then shame on you.. but let it be this chicken!I always hear people complaining that they are tired of the same old chicken and there is nothing to make with chicken. My brother even claims he wants to go vegan because he is bored with meat. This is my attempt to sway him back into the world of MEAT and delicious chicken!!I had been wanting to make this for over a week and I don’t know what took me so long because I am already excited to make it again.This needs to be on your menu ASAP....more