Creamy Multiple Mushroom Soup

 A rich creamy mushroom soup that makes a great lunch or dinner. Serve with nice homemade bread. The addition of multiple mushrooms (fresh and dried) adds earthiness. The cream cheese makes it soooo nice and thick!!Ingredients:...more

Mushroom Bacon Chicken

If you only pick one dinner recipe to make from this blog… then shame on you.. but let it be this chicken!I always hear people complaining that they are tired of the same old chicken and there is nothing to make with chicken. My brother even claims he wants to go vegan because he is bored with meat. This is my attempt to sway him back into the world of MEAT and delicious chicken!!I had been wanting to make this for over a week and I don’t know what took me so long because I am already excited to make it again.This needs to be on your menu ASAP....more

Hausgemachte Pilzpfanne (Stir-Fried Pan of Mushroom)

Summer has come; is almost gone…...more

Mushroom Soup with Crispy Lamb

Soups are pretty great to have on a gray, dreary, rainy and cold day, that's for sure. So if you are not going to make it for dinner tonight, keep it in mind for one of those.It is a creamy and rich – Noakes' two favorite words, soup that consists of button mushrooms, sauteed in garlic and butter, with full fat cream, a good dose of salt and pepper; served with the easiest crispy fried lamb pieces....more

Garlic Mushroom Pork Chops

OK ladies you want quick and easy… here you go!!! Oh and delicious matters too right??These pork chops were so simple to make and were the most tender pork chops I have ever made! ...more

Stuffed Pizza Mushrooms

What's one food that you distinctly remember from your childhood? One that stands above all the rest? For me, it was bagel bites....more

The Weird & Wonderful Cauliflower Mushroom

Nancy Anne Harbord...more

Chicken Marsala Marsala ...more

Savory Cremini Mushroom Dressing

Mushroom dressing is one of my favorites around the holidays.  I was hoping to  create a savory dressing with rich moist flavors that everyone would love. Well, this is it.  The recipe has baby portabellas and sage which I think became the clincher.  I am sure I will make it throughout the year as a side dish to go with many different types of menus.  Since dressing and stuffing freezes so perfectly and effortlessly this is a great dish to make in large quantities.  Give Savory Cremini Mushroom Dressing a try because I think it will become one of your perennial favorites....more