Mold and Fungus – Yum!

I understand that eating crickets (possibly chocolate-covered) is a recent foodie thing.(1) I'm in no hurry to try it, despite what I see on the Food Network.But I must admit that two of my favorite foods are mold and fungus.(2)Cheese would not exist without mold (or bacteria, or curdling, or the lining of various animals' stomachs), and mushrooms are fungus, plain and simple. Still, most people would find it odd to see a frittata recipe that said, "Add chopped fungus, then grate moldy milk over the top."...more

Loaded Grilled Mushroom Caps

Loaded Grilled Mushroom CapsLoaded Grilled Mushroom Caps with Bacon Maple Dressing make a great starter, or perfect for a light meal.Ingredients:...more

My Favorite Mushroom Recipes

From time to time, I make dishes using button mushrooms as, apart from tasting delicious, they have various health benefits. In India, in many vegetarian homes, we use button mushrooms as they provide nutrients and minerals in good measure....more

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Pan fried Pork chops with mushrooms and creamy mash potatoes, the perfect Tuesday night dinner!

Tuesday night dinner... Let's see what to cook tonight! For us Pork chops are always good, no matter how we cook them, but the way we prepare them tonight made this delicious cut of meat even better if possible! We pan-fried lean chops in extra virgin olive oil after dusting them in seasoned flour. To add an extra depth to the dish we added some sliced organic champignon mushrooms, garlic, black pepper and sweet paprika. ...more

Soft & Delicious #Tortilla with #Chicken and #Mushroom

Dinner is ready, let's roll! Definitely yes!Tonight's dinner was indeed a roll of goodness, a combination of flavors and a satisfying meal at every single bite.   ...more

Rustic Baby Portobello and Greens Casserole

 An earthy and rustic side dish best describes today's recipe. It could take the place of a salad or any hot vegetable dish. Made up of sweet onions and hearty portobello mushrooms, with a bubbly cheese on top, this dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It is also a wonderful offering for the vegetarians in your life. ...more

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

3 ingredients.3 steps.1 amazing appetizer!This is one of our absolute favorite finger foods. Don’t ask me what took me so long to share this recipe with you guys, but you will be so glad now that I did.Check out the recipe here:

Mushroom Polenta

How To Grow Your Own Pink Mushrooms

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordLook at these bad boys!!My darling brother bought me the best present ever. A grow-your-own, pink oyster mushroom kit. For a few years now I have been experiencing the joy of collecting wild mushrooms, much of which is documented on this blog, but growing has not been a part of that hobby. It is now!...more