[Video] The Guillemots: I Must Be a Lover

I've been sick for the past four or five days so I've just been lazing around wallowing and grumbling at anyone who walks by me on the couch while I'm either listening to music or playing the Sims. I'm sure you wanted to know all that. (While I could honestly just post every Dear and the Headlights song ever, I think I'll go with something I've been listening to constantly while couch bound.)...more

Music Monday: Sweet Talk - Dear and the Headlights

There are a million things I should be doing right now (studying for my finance test tomorrow, catching up on my internship work, eating 46 pizza rolls, etc), but let's have a Music Monday instead! My love for Dear and the Headlights is no secret to anyone who knows me in person. If you've ridden in my car there's a 98% chance one of their songs was on. Since most of you haven't been chauffeured around by me (surprise, surprise) it's time you were educated. ...more
I was so sad to hear Dear and the Headlights had broken up. I had seen them live a couple of ...more