(Unhealthy) Obsession with Hamilton: An American Musical

Hello, my name is Galina and I’m addicted to Hamilton: An American Mus ...more

'The Messiah' musical hits center stage at Charlotte, North Carolina

 A MUSICAL for the benefit of the poor, homeless and abandoned will be held at the Halton Theater of CPCC at 1206 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 28235 on Aug. 8 to 10 this year....more

Mother-Daughter Dramantics.

Passa Passa (2004) knock's viewers dead with laughter while bringing outsiders into a scene of inner city life in Jamaica.  This is a real life narrative family drama of the challenges of Jamaica's lower-income women, and illustrates the Jamaican woman's unbreakable spirit and creative psychology.  Theatre Summary...more

VIDEO: Y'all, there was a Titanic the musical

I post on my blog about Brian d'Arcy James all the time, so here's my most recent post about him!...more

Supporting musically talented children

Musically talented children often face an uphill battle when trying to maintain enthusiasm for their studies. What typically starts with excitement and focused effort can end in boredom, apathy and disappointment. Several authors (e.g., Haroutounian, 2002, Parncutt & McPherson, 2002) have offered ideas for enhancing musical training and motivating young musicians....more

Justin Bieber Didn't Ruin the Christmas Musical...This Year.

I could just imagine it:All the other kids singing their parts and doing the hand-motions. Sawyer, doing his own thing, approaches a microphone. No, I'm thinking. No. No. NO. NO. And then:  "As long as you lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove me..."...more

Birds of Paradise

Read on my blog here. On Friday night, I took my sister to see one of the last performances of La Cage Aux Folles at Neptune Theatre....more

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

If you are not sneezing with tissues in hand and flying high from a Claritin D buzz, then maybe you are considering a couple of Spring cleaning projects for your home. (The "D" must stand for "Damn, I'm high.") ...more
Yeah x 3! And ooh ooh, I LOVE the opening of the closet doors a la Marlena Dietrich, it makes a ...more

Alison McDonald Is Changing Hollywood

Game Changers is a series of interviews with awesome women who are changing the landscape of the web. Alison McDonald is many things: Comedienne. Writer. Sister. Single. Very Single. ...more
You are too funny! You need to do a tv show or a movie. Are you listening Hollywood? Best to ...more